My Favorite Black Female-Owned Hair Brand of 2023: Bread Beauty Supply

I’m always trying new hair products, but have yet to find a favorite brand – until now. Thanks to Bread Beauty Supply, created by Maeva Heim, who was inspired by her mother to create this brand for all curls and coils. Heim named this brand after the staple food in our kitchens — Bread Beauty strives to be the basic and tried-and-true for our hair care routines.

Starting from a squeaky-clean foundation before I even reach for the shampoo, I reach for their mud mask, which is a pre-mixed /pre-shampoo that detoxifies pollution, dirt, and grim for a fresh and slightly exfoliated scalp. The clays consist of Kaolin, Bentonite, Rhassoul Clay, and Quartz while the healing properties of Green Tea Leaf Extract, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Glutathione, Hemp Seed Oil, Davidson Plum Extract, Pineapple Fruit Extract, and Saw Palmetto soothe and nourish hair. I spray my hair with some water and squeeze the smallest amount out of the tube. The consistency is wetter and creamier than the usual DIY masks I would make from kaolin clay and apple cider vinegar, plus it doesn’t have too much of a smell. I then applied it into sections (four works for me). I work it into my roots and slather it down the ends until every strand is coated. I wait for ten minutes while I head outside for a quick walk or clean the kitchen. Once time is up, I rinse the mask with cool water bask in the reinvigoration of my scalp.

Moving onto a creamy and conditioning co-wash, Bread’s hair-wash is a winner in my curly-girl book. The packaging is super cute with a pouch that allows for easy squeezing when my hands are wet and easy to travel with (important for a woman on the move!). On first impression, it smells like childhood memories of fruity cereal and milk, which sets the perfect intention for my wash routine. As I wash my tresses in the shower, the argan oil, aloe vera juice, lemon and tea tree oil work to add moisture, shine, and luster to my mane. Detangling is a dream since the hair-wash melts any knots, tangles, and frizz away. After washing out the shampoo, my curls felt soft and bouncy before I even added conditioner. I recommend this wash for all hair types – and particularly after dying hair, during winter months, or if working on the heads of little curly kiddos!

Post deep conditioning, it is time to style with the hair gel which instantly became my favorite product from the line. My curls thrive on a good gel and this one does it all by setting in moisture, my curl pattern, and ultra glossy shine all in one step. With my hair dripping wet, I put a pump or two into my palms and smooth it with the praying hands method. I waited about thirty minutes for my hair to fully dry and followed up with my blow dryer on the cool setting. My kinks were tight and spiraling after my wash-and-go on day one. This style lasted for about six days or so, and each day the style became more fluffy and carefree, which I adored.

Bread Beauty Supply brings the basics and elevates them for all us naturals, who just want products that simply work! I’ll be keeping my eye out for their other products they offer – hopefully in the new year!