OUAI’s Serum & Supplement Combo For Haircare

OUAI recently came out with a new wombo-combo for keeping your hair happy and healthy with their Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Hair Supplements. The duo is meant to be used together and through clinical trials have been proven to show results in as early as 60 days.

OUAI hair care scalp serum and thick and full supplements combo set

For the past year I’ve been on and off battling hair loss and fatigue. While finding out some things did strangely work in reducing hair loss – like bleaching my hair and turning it into a mermaid – those are not normally things I would recommend for optimal hair health.

Besides the stress, my hair was also just not getting the nutrition it needed. This was seen in the tell tale signs of frequent fall out, brittle hair that lacked elasticity, and dullness. So when I had the opportunity to try out OUAI’s new Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements, I jumped and cried some happy tears.

Why would I need a scalp serum?

Your scalp health is the most important factor in growing new hair. Just like the skin on your face, it needs a balance of hydration and oils to keep the skin there healthy and free of irritation.

A healthy environment on the skin will encourage healthy hair as well. Scalp serums help with creating that healthy environment by balancing moisture and encouraging hair growth.

How do I know if I have an unhealthy scalp?

The signs to look out for of an unhealthy scalp are redness, irritation, flakiness, dryness or excessive oil. Excessive hair breakage and hair fallout can be other symptoms of an unhealthy scalp.

OUAI hair care scalp serum

The OUAI Scalp Serum

The OUAI Scalp Serum is the first half of OUAI’s hair care duo. OUAI’s Scalp Serum handles scalp health through a combination of ingredients to address the different aspects that affect the scalp.

What is in the OUAI Scalp Serum?

The OUAI Scalp serum uses adaptogens such as Arctic Root, Siberian Ginseng, and Chaga Mushroom to help keep the scalp in a balanced state. Adaptogens are plant substances that help the body adapt and regulate stress. Since your hormones can be tied to your hair growth, stress can cause hair loss. Utilizing adaptogens can help mitigate that.

The Scalp Serum also uses hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and peptides to encourage hair growth.

How to use a Scalp Serum

The Scalp Serum is to be used daily. AM or PM does not matter. You start by pressing the bulb on the cap to fill the pipette. Apply the oil onto you natural hair part, along the hair line and then anywhere else along your scalp. Massage gently afterwards to help distribute the oil through the rest of your scalp.

The serum should be absorbed into your skin so there should be minimal or no buildup afterwards. They advise to avoid areas of broken or damaged skin.

OUAI hair care scalp serum application with pipette

OUAI’s Scalp serum can be used on all hair types and chemically treated hair, including color treated, keratin treatment and on Brazilian Blowouts. It also smells amazing with notes of ginger, Spearmint, Green fig and Wet Grass.

The Scalp Serum also comes in a fully recyclable bottle which gives plus points for the environment.

The OUAI Thick & Full Hair Supplements

Your hair needs nutrition, just like the rest of your body. OUAI devised a hair supplement that combined all your hair’s nutritional needs into a small capsule.

OUAI hair care thick and full supplements container with pills

Taken once daily with food and water, the supplement is designed with three main components

1. Biotin for healthy hair growth

2. Multi-Vitamin for all around hair health

3. and the unsuspecting star Pea Shoot extract, that helps to reduce shedding and increase hair retention.

The supplement is also vegan, gluten free, and not tested on animals.

Only the cap for the container is recyclable. However, while one bottle is only for 30 days, you can buy refill pouches online which means you can reuse the same bottle again and put one less thing into the environment.

Trying out both the OUAI Scalp Serum and the Thick & Full Hair Supplements

OUAI hair care scalp serum and thick and full supplements combo set on hands

I tried both the serum and the hair supplements for 10 days. 10 days is unfortunately too short to say anything about its effectiveness on hair growth. However, I can say here some notes about my experience using both hair care products and some tips on application and usage.

My experience with OUAI’s Scalp Serum

I have used hair oils in the past, both DIY and beauty branded. Both were too heavy on my hair and required it to be washed out. For my lifestyle, this type of hair care treatment did not work for me. Because OUAI’s Scalp Serum was lightweight and did not require to be washed out, it was much easier to include in my routine.

OUAI hair care scalp serum pipette and bottle close up

I will note, I do struggle with adding new components to daily routines. For this trial period, I initial set a goal to apply the serum in the morning right after breakfast. I placed it next to all of my other beauty products for convenience which helped a lot.

However, occasionally, due to travel ( forgetting the scalp serum at home ) and other circumstances, I ended up applying the serum at night before bed a few times.

The serum smelled amazing, though, and the pipette held the perfect amount of product for each application. I honestly feel the frosted glass container, the beautiful smell of “green”, and the lightweight consistency made me ACTUALLY want to use this serum every day.

I did use the serum for the most part on dry hair since it was a part of my morning routine ( I tend to shower at night). However, I’m slowly opting to use it on wet/damp/moist hair since the serum has hyaluronic acid in it.

OUAI hair care scalp serum pipette close up

Hyaluronic acid works for water retention. It will work regardless here since the serum is the hydration component. However, since my scalp in particular can become dry, a little spritz of water can’t hurt. In my case, I have rose water on hand at all times and in various places as a face mister or toner, so it will be utilized here as well to pre-water the scalp.

My experience with OUAI’s Thick & Full Supplements

The Thick & Full Hair Supplements were a lot easier than the serum to include in my daily routine. I had it by my work station and after breakfast every morning it was effortless to pop a pill with some water. I noticed for some reason the container smelled vaguely of a banana milkshake. Perhaps there is something different with my sense of smell but this only encouraged me to take each supplement. ( So a win win?)

OUAI hair care scalp serum pills close up

Notes on the B Vitamin Ingredients in the Supplements

If you noted above, each supplement is a mixture of B Vitamins. If you have ever taken B12, B Complex or Mega B-50 ( my favorite ), you will notice it will change your urine to a bright, almost radioactive looking yellow. This is normal. And these supplements will do the same. So do not be alarmed.

Another thing to note is taking these supplements in addition to your other vitamins or supplements. If you normally take B vitamins as a part of your normal routine, consider taking less if there is overlap since you’ll just be overloading on the same vitamins. While there is no real harm in taking too much B vitamins as your body will just get rid of the excess in the bathroom, it will still be a waste of supplements you have paid for.

Lastly, B6 and B12, which are in these supplements, are known for giving your body energy. This is why I’d suggest you take your hair supplements in the morning. Therefore, you won’t get a spike of energy before bed when you need to sleep. However, you can also utilize this in the evening if you DO want that energy spike, such as before going out at night. Up to you. Just remember to take it with food and water.

OUAI hair care thick and full supplementstaking the supplements with water

While my trial with OUAI’s new Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Hair Supplements has only been for a short period of time, I absolutely do love these products so far. The serum was pleasant to use, had the most amazing smell and was lightweight enough for daily applications. The supplement doubled as both a hair and energy supplement. It’s careful formula also did not cause any digestive issues which is something other supplements have given me in the past.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this hair care combo works for the rest of the month.


Interested in trying out OUAI’s new Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements? You can purchase them below at OUAI’s official website.

OUAI Scalp Serum – $52

OUAI Thick & Full Hair Supplements – $42

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