Ranavat for Luxe Ayurvedic Beauty Products: Q & A with Michelle Ranavat

Michelle Ranavat has a graduate degree in engineering management and has worked at Lehman Brothers. This Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and mother of two boys founded Ranavat Botanics to dovetail her various passions and experience in international supply chains at her father’s chemical company. She loves to unearth the best possible ingredients, and utilize traditional Indian beauty rituals in her botanical skincare brand. Ranavat Botanicals encompasses hair care products, serums, tonics, and masks. the brand is transparent about the origin of each ingredient.

How did you get started in this field, and what is your background?

I started in beauty in 2017 after experiencing significant postpartum hair loss and skin issues after the birth of my boys. As an engineer + scientist who has worked in manufacturing, I was inspired to make the Ayurvedic treatments that helped me in my recovery more widely available.

Where are you based and why?

I’m based in Los Angeles because it is close to my family!

What sets your brand apart?

RANAVAT is incredibly unique in the beauty industry because of the rare ingredients we use and our authentic Indian method of preparation. We share a very elevated perspective with our luxe packaging and sensorial ingredients coming together to tell a rich story that celebrates science and Indian heritage.

What is your vision for your brand?

My vision for RANAVAT is to innovate between modern and traditional science bringing to life skin and haircare that is steeped in the heritage and craftsmanship of India. We always put efficacy as our north star and has driven innovations like our Veda4 Bond Strengthening Complex and the Brightening Retinol Eye Crème (first ever Ayurvedic retinol).

What are your most popular products?

Our Saffron franchise is the most popular ranging from our Brightening Saffron Serum (replaces your Vitamin C), Saffron Masque (gently exfoliating) and the Brightening Retinol Eye Crème (targets dark circles + fine lines).

What is your greatest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is driving awareness for beauty steeped in Ayurvedic or Indian traditions. Since the adoption of Indian-inspired beauty is relatively new in the west, sharing the education around the benefits of our unique ingredients is so important.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

My advice is to not shy away from doing something different. In a world of constant launches, product differentiation is so important. It’s not easy to start something new or change thinking in an industry so deep, but this will pay off in the long run.

What are your long-term goals?

We are excited to continue to build brand awareness for RANAVAT through sharing the science behind our products, our unique ingredients and efficacy of our formulas. I am so passionate about sharing my culture and seeing this brand connect with so many diverse audiences brings me so much joy.

What is your personal favorite product from your line, or is that an impossible question?

I love every product I’ve developed but my favorite is absolutely the Brightening Saffron Serum. From the scent to the glowy results this product is the reason I feel confident in my own skin at 42.

Find the luxurious suite of Ranavat products here.

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