Reduit: the Future of Hair Styling

In French ‘reduit’ means ‘reduced’. Reduit hair pods are the new way to treat hair with more efficiency and less waste. Like pods in your coffee machine, hairpods™ are loaded on a Reduit Hairpod device that you hold in the palm of your hair to spray your hair with the quality treatment of your choice. They are 38 times more effective and 20 times less wasteful than traditional sprays, and the Reduit hair pods can solve any hair woe — whether you need more conditioning, extra volume, or hair color protection. The ultrasonic and magnetic misting micro technology is capable of penetrating the hair cuticle deeply, while using less product because of the concentration of actives in the pods. 

Choose between the Reduit Precision Conditioner Hairpod to reduce frizz, the Reduit  Color Protection Hairpod to prevent fading, the Reduit Volume Mist Hairpod to restore the hair fibre at its source, the Reduit Vapored Strength Hairpod, or the Reduit Shine Diffusion Hairpod — a weightless treatment to bring vibrant shine to your braids.

The futuristic at-home device made its debut at the Victoria Beckham SS21 Fashion Show.

Celebrity Hairstylist Paul Hanlon (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino) utilized the brand’s Reduit Gold Device on models for the show for easier, frizz free styling. The Reduit creators reported that they were inspired by nature’s magnetic fields to create a revolutionary device that delivers more while using less. It can conveniently be carried in your purse for on-the-go touch ups.

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