Revel In Magnificent Hair with Umma

Want to know the secret of the beautiful hair of Korean women? They devote a lot of care to their scalp for optimal hair shine and healthiness. Umma has curated an assortment of the best products from Seoul’s most sought-after hair brands to whip your scalp and hair into its best shape. Presented in a beautiful, keepsake green box, Umma: A good Hair day of Seoul includes 7 essentials:

In shower-routine:

-The Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub. Use this shampoo to exfoliate your scalp and detoxify your hair.  Enriched with sea salt, mint menthol and green coffee bean extract, it removes dead skin, and builds up and refreshes your scalp. Your hair will also feel more bouncy and more radiant. Made with plant based, good grade and fair-trade sourcing, it has no fragrance, no drying alcohols, no synthetic preservatives or silicones.

-The AMH Shampoo was created by doctors and includes ingredients to exfoliate and improve your scalp’s health, including ridding it of dandruff. Formulated with salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione, it leaves your hair feeling clean, light, and free of build-up after use.

For hair that’s damaged and dry, the Beigic Damage Repair Treatment Mask is an intensive treatment to repair, rejuvenate and strengthen. Made with green coffee oil, argan oil and rosehip oil, the mask helps your hair remain vigorous no matter what you put it through including chemical-processing, heat styling, or sun exposure. It’s free from drying alcohols, fragrance, dyes, synthetic preservatives and silicones.

Post Shower Scalp and Hair Care:
Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic A is made with bio-marine stem cells, root extracts, and orange and bergamot essential oils. It helps maintain your scalp clean and to adjust the water oil balance of your hair .

Revive your weak drab hair with Moreno Hair Essence Delightful Oil. Eight types of vegetables are used in the formula including Brazil nut, olive, avocado and argan. Simply dab on your strands for more shine and more flexibility.

The Amos Repair Shine Enrich Night Cream fixes your hair overnight so that you don’t wake up with a mess of frizzy strands but with a crown of smooth, pliant strands. Starflower oil hydrates and protects the hair with its antioxidant benefits. Each hair cuticle is sealed and a lightweight shield locks moisture around each strand. This is a really fabulous product ensuring you to wake up with great hair!

To detangle your hair to perfection, The White Rabbit Volumizing Air Brush included in the pack has patented S-shaped teeth that bend through hair and a velvet soft -touch handle to get to the task with an easy grip.

A beautiful gift for Mother’s Day or for your self to get your hair ready for the summer, this fabulous Korean collection is available for Spring 2019 at