Rinse Quickly & Use Less Water with INOAR’s Go Vegan Collection

Are you on the hunt for hair care products that are affordable, environmentally-friendly and infused with natural ingredients that work? Look no further! Brazilian hair care company, INOAR, has recently launched the Go Vegan Collection, which includes four new plant-based lines that smell divine and are designed to treat specific hair types and concerns.

Each of the four lines is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, with its own shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. All products in the Go Vegan Collection are made to rinse out of your hair faster, so you can conserve water.

The Go Vegan Anti-frizz product line promotes healthy hair that is shiny, strong, nourished, and frizz-free with a combination of biotin, and lavender and argan oils.

The Go Vegan Hydration & Nutrition product line moisturizes hair that has been over-styled and damaged with a shea butter and coconut oil blend, allowing for shine, softness and hair fiber recovery.

The Go Vegan Balance product line eliminates scalp impurities with aloe vera and vitamins to promote healthier hair growth and increased hair fiber flexibility.

The Go Vegan for Wavy & Curly Hair product line repairs damaged hair follicles with essential fatty acids, while rosehip oil moisturizes the scalp, resulting in bouncy, non-greasy curls.

INOAR regularly creates original and effective products that contain the highest quality ingredients. The development of their products is shaped by their three main pillars: respect for individuals, animals and the environment.

Find the right Go Vegan Collection products to incorporate into your hair care routine today! https://www.inoarus.com/

Gemma Lolos

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