Rob Peetom Salon Williamsburg: Q & A with CEO Rochelle Peetoom

With salons throughout the Netherlands, Indonesia, and now New York, the Rob Peetom name is quite distinguished and famed. The Williamsburg establishment, which opened a couple of years ago, is stylish and offers an array of exceptional services. This chic Dutch salon is spacious, immaculately clean (a common Dutch trait), and welcoming. To learn more about the Rob Peetom Salon and the future of haircare, I had the privilege of speaking with CEO Rochelle Peetoom.

Are there any new hair trends we should know about that you are offering at your salon? 

Anyone can have beautiful hair, but for each person that should look different. We believe your hair should suit your personality and lifestyle. We are seeing a strong trend amongst our Brooklyn clients of going for some daring and unique color looks. From strawberry blonde, pastel, and sultry red to blonde like 90’s Pamela Anderson.  
You must check out the Instagram of our Master Colorist @ninarubelhair for all kinds of inspirational looks she created at the salon. And if you’re going Pamela Blonde, please book Hitomi, she is the absolute best for blondes (she does my hair) and she always has some Japanese treatment up her sleeve to protect and revive your hair.  
We have also introduced a new service by our Master Stylist Drew Schaefering called “French balayage and bespoke haircut and styling” This is one of our exclusive bespoke services; it starts with a pre-color metal detox to ensure even and bright hues. Followed by Drew’s French Balayage Technique, tailored to the texture of your hair and the shape of the final look, hence the custom haircut design. The color is perfected with a finishing gloss to achieve the desired tone. To keep your hair beautiful, healthy, and strong, this service is completed with the biomimetics repairing and bonding science of K18. Upgrade by adding a single process or even a make-up touch-up before you go.  

Do you plan on expanding more in NYC or another country? 

We would love to expand into Manhattan within a few years, especially as we do have a large clientele that comes from across the bridge. At the moment we also have salons in the Netherlands and Indonesia. We recently opened a new salon in the jungle of mystical Ubud. In Indonesia we are currently looking to expand in Jakarta, where many of our Bali clientele live. In our home country the Netherlands, we are soon expanding to a third location in Amsterdam. The wellness market there is growing rapidly, and this feels like the perfect timing to bring our Hair Spa expertise from Bali and aspirational beauty trends of Williamsburg to a new salon in an upcoming neighborhood in Amsterdam.  
Internationally, we have really great stylists who have been with us for years and are showing interest in opening a salon with us ‘back home’ — which includes countries like Japan & Italy, so we are doing some market research.  

Which hair products can you not live without? 

I caved for this summer’s hottest trend and went 90’s Pamela Anderson/Barbie blonde. It brightens and lightens my summer days like nothing else can, but it does need special care. So, my current favorite is the Blond Absolu line from Kerastase. Before, when my hair was slightly darker, I loved the Chroma Absolu line from Kerastase. It smells amazing and they also launched a new Gloss product, which you can do at home.  I feel this is a new trend since the pandemic, allowing people to gloss their hair at home, which is really cool! 
Products I love:  
Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream – I add this after I have washed my hair and it imparts a really lovely silky ease to blow-dry. 
Davines OI Line – It’s one of the best smelling products ever!  
Davines Liquid Luster – a beautiful new launch, which is a fabulous add-on service before you have a blow dry and gives you an extra glossy shine.  
Kerastase L’huile Elixir Ultime – My all-time favorite hair oil. When blow-drying my hair, it makes my ends feel nice and silky.  
For heat protection I always come back to the Redken One United 25 benefits spray.  

When you think of Rob Peetoom what word comes to mind? 

3 Key Things that Define Us:
Experienced Stylists are the foundation of our salons and services. We have offered a career in the beauty industry with international opportunities and a great education program at our own Academy. So, we’re lucky that stylists stay with us for a long period of time and receive the best education. 

Quality services. We make sure we have the best brands, and we investigate the ultimate services in the market. We always try to pioneer an innovate in our field. 

Sensational salons. Every Rob Peetoom salon is unique, but each offers the same wonderful experience. We work hard to make that happen, and the rebuild of our salon in the old soda factory in Williamsburg took us more than two years to finish. But even more so after the pandemic, our guests want to have an experience on top of great service.   

Anything else we should know? 

I have recently read some articles that referenced the future of the salons in the traditional form will no longer be around, and it’s all about the individual stylists traveling around the world or renting chairs and booths. I couldn’t disagree more. I believe both forms will thrive. Especially post-pandemic, because clients crave experiences, and true salons like Rob Peetoom can offer this. We are constantly trying to improve on our hospitality aspect, merging a hotel lounge vibe and service with a hustling and bustling salon. Picking up on trends like self-check-in and working pods, to see how we can better our salons for the ultimate client experience. Due to people working from home a lot more these days, clients need to really feel these experiences, even more than they did previously, and salons can certainly provide that special feeling. Things will grow increasingly more experiential in salons, with like-minded hairdressers coming together because they share the same energy to create a truly magical space. In the New York City salon, we also do make-up, Biologique Recherche facials, Keratins, extensions, and brows and lash service.  

We highly invest our time and energy into education. In the Netherlands we recently launched Rob Peetoom University, where we will be hosting inspirational classes by international artists. 

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Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

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