Say Yes to Curls

If there’s anything to know about me is, I love three things: Pink. Good smells. Curls. Kardashian hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons’ FANTASY CURLS checks all those boxes. The baby pink line comes with an assortment of products for the keeping and caring of curly heads. It contains amino acids, vegan, cruelty free and no SLS/SLES, parabens, phthalates or mineral oil! Everything in the line is scented with a fragrance that screams “pretty girl who loves vanilla”. The notes consist of buttercream, crème brûlée, peach, amber, vanilla, whipped cream, and so much more.

I drench my hair with water and go in with the shampoo with a creamy consistency. I lather up and finger detangle to get the wash day started.

After I rinse, I apply conditioner that has the same wondrous scent. I comb through my hair as my curls start to form and spring up. It’s ultra-moisturizing due to the coconut oil in its formulation. I rinse it out, leaving a bit in as I continue on with my shower.

Before I step out, I spray the Curl Amplify Spray for Natural Bounce with Jojoba Oil. It conditions my hair from the inside-out with jojoba oil and imparts a thickening effect, while also providing a bit of hold that is flexible. I don’t think I’ve ever looked this good!

To top off my routine, I squirt some of the serum into my hands and apply it through my hair. The consistency is great, not too thick or too thin. It sinks in seamlessly and adds a boost of scent to my curls. I flip my hair around to give it more volume. I’m so happy with this collection! You can shop it here!