Scandinavian BioLabs for Luscious Tresses + Regrowth

Straight from Copenhagen with love for your locks, comes a power trio from BioLabs for women and men:

The Bio-Pilixin Routine-series contains a month’s use of Strength Shampoo, Recovery Conditioner, and Growth Serum. These products compliment each other and are designed to be used together for optimal results – which is thicker, healthier hair. With scientifically proven results from their Bio-Pilixin Formula®, consisting of natural and 100% vegan ingredients, the active ingredients in these hair care products are capable of penetrating the core of your hair shaft to strengthen and rebuild proteins and follicles. This prolongs the growth cycle of the hair and rebuilds length, strength, and volume.

The trio includes:
Step 1: Bio-Pilixin Strength Shampoo, 250ml
Step 2: Bio-Pilixin Recovery Conditioner, 250ml
Step 3: Bio-Pilixin Growth Serum, 50ml

They all conform to the EU’s stringent regulations for quality control, too.
Pick them up HERE.