Smoothing Treatment at Haven Spa Makes Summer Hair a Breeze

My hair has always presented a problem in humid summer weather, but a new treatment I tried at Haven Spa is just the solution I need. For anyone with hair that frizzes or won’t maintain its style in humid and sticky weather, I recommend the Hair Envy treatment.

Hair Envy uses ProAddiction, a formaldehyde-, paraben- and toxin-free smoothing system that is fortified with collagen, amino acids and proteins. The formula works on all hair types, which is what attracted me to try it. Also, the results last between four and six months.

When I went in for my treatment, my roots were frizzy, and my hair needed help. In addition, I was trying to grow out my hair after disastrous breakage from damaged ends required a shorter cut. I was skeptical that anything that would straighten my hair could be good for it. I could not afford any more breakage, but I put my trust in my hairdresser, Mabel, and believed I had nothing to lose (but hair).

The process takes time depending on the length of your hair. The average time is three to four hours Although my hair is short it still took almost three hours from start to finish to do my hair. First, my hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo, and then it was blow dried. Mabel applied the odorless smoothing solution on my dry hair with a shower cap over it for 25 minutes.

She then rinsed out the solution, blow dried and flat ironed my hair to seal in the straightener. 

Depending upon your preference for straightness, your hairdresser will adjust the amount of passes the flat iron should make on your hair. I have fine hair and did not want it pin straight, so Mabel adjusted the flat iron to go over my hair about eight times per piece. If someone wanted her hair pin straight it would be about ten times. After this, you wash the hair again with sulfate free shampoo, and then put a hair mask on under a shower cap for five minutes. After you rinse it is finally time to style the hair.

I loved the result — my hair was shiny, still full of body and best of all, moved when I shook my head. Of course, it helps to have someone like Mabel who listens to you, so that you get the results you desire. I look forward to a frizz free summer. 

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