Spring Hair: Our Q+A with Eva NYC Designer D’ana of COVL

Your hair is an essential part of your everyday morning routine, so why not take care of it with amazing styling tools? Eva NYC has created a Healthy Heat Nano Silk Styling Iron and Healthy Heat Pro-Lite Dryer, which are both ranked as their bestselling items. These tools come in a vibrant, reusable tin designed by D’ana of COVL, who has partnered with Eva NYC. The multi-media artist has described COVL as a representation of four things. “Craft, onward, versatility and lifestyle — which in return, are four things I work hard to reflect and be.”

I was intrigued by the partnership and design, so I reached out to D’ana to learn more about her as an artist, her inspiration, and her favorite thing regarding these styling tools.

Tell me a little about this collaboration.
A: This collaboration was a no-brainer. Being that as brands and people, we need to create things that are sustainable and of quality. Allowing products to leave a positive impact on the consumer and mother earth was the objective and I believe we successfully did that.

What was it like partnering with Eva NYC?
A: Two words: a dream

What was your favorite part about this collaboration?
A: As an artist, it’s important that the collaboration leaves room for the artist to interpret what they feel and what they see as the end result; ultimately allowing the artist full creative freedom — and Eva did!

Where do you find your inspiration?
A: I say this all the time, but I am a sponge – anything and everything can inspire me.

Tell me a little bit about your design with this collaboration.
A: I’m always looking for ways to bring Miami into my projects, whether it’s colors, or textures of certain facets from my hometown. The artwork for the Eva NYC tin is the perfect melody of that.

What does the design process look like for you?
For this, I did a lot of environmental research, pulling images from exotic plants and I recreated my own world within that. After the first initial sketch, I went into illustrating the rest.

What is the importance of having a reusable tin?
That speaks to what I mentioned about quality and sustainability, yet also what’s important is creating something that leaves an impression on someone and allowing them to interpret it as their own.

What is your favorite thing about these styling tools?
That they actually do what they say they do. From the tools, to the products, I haven’t been let down, which is an A+ in my book.

The Styling Iron is used to both straighten and create waves/curls. It’s perfect for those with fine and delicate hair to leave hair feeling healthy and smooth. The plate is combined with minerals and nano-particles to create that smooth finish.

The Dryer is perfect for professionals and those who want to create a ‘salon-quality blowout.’ Due to the tourmaline-infused ceramic components and negative ions, your hair will easily lock in moisture and reduce frizz to leave your hair feeling healthy and voluminous.

Find these at https://eva-nyc.com/ for perfect Spring hair.