Supplements for Lush Winter Hair

During winter months, you may notice a change in the vitality of your strands as they seem to look thinner and more fragile. Stress, disease, too much coloring, styling or hormonal changes can affect hair by depleting your locks of essential enzymes and minerals to foster luster and thickness. To help you keep your stresses full of zest, to help them grow fuller and keep them from losing their youthful vitality, see these supplements and remedies that work at boosting your body with the essential nutrients it needs to grow strong and thick hair.

Many women have trouble growing their hair. If your locks don’t have the strength to reach a satisfying length, try Vitalfan Vitality that is designed to promote follicle hair growth using the hair growth cycle. Did you know that the growth cycle of a single hair repeats itself about 25 times within one lifetime, and occurs in three stages:

The Anagen phase, or growth phase that lasts 6 to 8 years in women. 
The Catagen phase, or regression phase that lasts 2 to 3 weeks when the hair follicle becomes inactive. 
The Telogen phase when your hair sheds and is replaced by another hair. After that another Anagen phase begins. 

The Vitalfan Vitality supplements work with this cycle in mind and help hair to grow with magnesium to synthesize protein, zinc to form keratin, selenium that activates an enzyme important for regenerating antioxidants in the body, vitamin E, copper and manganese that support cellular protection against oxidative damage. Find this essential supplement at

To help your thinning hair get a hold of itself and fight back loss, feed it the Foligain Triple Formula For Thinning Hair, a high performance supplement to help you grow thicker hair. Foligain’s hair care products for thinning hair are made with clinically studied ingredients such as biotin and saw palmetto extracts that accelerate your hair cycle. Copper and ginseng support thicker, fuller braids. With no parabens, sulfates or phthalates, not tested on animals, nab this breakthrough supplement for thinning hair at

?Try also the FOLIGAIN® Triple Action Complete Formula for Thinning Hair for Women with 10% Trioxidil® designed for thinning and scalp health. Simply spray on your hair for three months to prevent hair loss. You will see results. The liposphere micro-emulsion technology helps you achieve thicker, fuller hair by sealing in nutrients into the scalp. A must for anyone suffering of hair loss, order it at

If popping supplements is not your thing, switch to Luscious Hair‘s delicious, sugar-free blueberry bliss gummies that combine silicon, biotin and hydrolyzed marine collagen to help your mane stay full, lustrous and healthy. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals to grow strong hair, nails and skin, find them at

The Country Life Maxi-Hair® includes biotin, an essential B vitamin that supports the formation of keratin, a building block for hair. This formula includes a complimentary vitamin and mineral blend that also helps your skin and nail health! Get beautiful hair at

The luxurious Moroccan Gold Series My Nudo Rejuvenating Shampoo is a unique shampoo to increase volume and thicken hair. Invigorating ingredients strengthen hair while reducing breakage, revitalizing follicles and refreshing the scalp. The natural ingredients include caffeine, cypress leaf extract, ginseng root extract, avocado oil, calcium, iron, zinc and amino acids. A hair trial revealed an increase in hair scalp coverage by 60.17% after 28 days of use. It also gets rid of harmful substances, excess oil and peroxides in the scalp. Supply your hair with this strong formula to help it fight hair loss and rejuvenate your strands at