Personalized Take-Out Hair Color Is Now A Salon Option: Here’s How It Works (Safely)

With New York in coronavirus lockdown, takeout has become the new normal. Not only for food, but now for customized hair color thanks to Yuksel Sahin, Founder and chief stylist/colorist at Sanat Hair Salon (Sanat means “art” in Turkish). 
With hair salons ordered closed in NYC, customized takeout hair color with delivery is one way not to miss your color touch up monthly appointment. Clients of Sanat Hair Salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side – whose roots are beginning to show “shades of gray” are in luck. Customized hair dye for a touch-up is only a phone call away. 

This option was never in Sahin’s business plan when he founded his salon a decade ago. But based on popular demand by his clients who want/need to look their best on business & social or internet dating video conference chats – but can’t get treated in his salon due to the shelter-in-place order – takeout color is the next best thing. Here’s how it works safely:

After mixing a customer’s individual color, Sahin keeps detailed notes on his client’s hair preferences as a reference – then a drop-off is arranged. The package of hair dye is left at the client’s doorstep or with their doorman. On an “as needed” basis, clients can call or Skype with Sahin to get further “how-to” instructions as to applying the dye. Brilliant!

“You have to social distance,” said Sahin, who has clearly taken customer service to the next level. “I don’t know who has the coronavirus, nor do I ask.”

Here are the brands and/or “categories” that Sahin uses in the salon:
• Goldwell Hair Color
• Wella Hair Color
• Ammonia-free hair color products (various)
• Cruelty free & vegan hair dyes (various)

For the last two categories, Sahin doesn’t want to name brand names as these secret brands are his European “discoveries” that aren’t widely known in this country yet. He doesn’t want to tip-off his competition!

Miss New York Teen USA – Maya Dominguez
Yuksel Sahin/Sanat Hair Salon is the official hair sponsor for 2020 Miss New York USA | and Miss New York Teen USA  (Miss Universe competition), too, so you’ll be in professional hands. He was also winner of the New York Hair & Beauty Award Best Stylist of the Year 2019 award.