Texture SexyHair for No-Fuss Beach Waves

For sexy beach tresses that seem to fall effortlessly on our shoulders, dive into the new lineup from the Texture SexyHair Collection . Each formula has a blend of almond oil, avocado oil, gold, cotton seed extract and tapioca starch to absorb oil and other polymers to create soft, lived in, touchable texture. The formulas are free of sulfates. 

Build your hair texture with the Texture SexyHair Clean Wave Texturizing Styling Shampoo that strengthens your hair’s shaft if it is fragile or damaged, and creates strong, healthy silky hair that offers limitless styling options. Read more at https://sexyhair.com/product/clean-wave-2n1-texturizing-shampoo.

The Texture SexyHair Shoreline Texturizing Conditioner allows your hair to be easily managed and run sleekly through your fingers. It keeps humidity from affecting your hair, and ensures that it’s soft and frizz-free. Use after the shampoo. https://sexyhair.com/product/shoreline-texturizing-conditioner

Create soft, pliable and seductive hair waves with a build-able hold with the Texture SexyHair Foam Party Lite Texturing Foam ,which provides your mane with a hold that you can play with — with added humidity protection and a lot of shine. This beachy, textured look will stay solid through out the day and night.
Whether you head to the beach or the supermarket, you’ll love how rejuvenated and free your hair feels.