Total Hair Revival for Fall

Repairing damaged hair is an ongoing task for many beauties dealing with hair woes after over-processing their strands or time in the sun. Other factors include age, the environment, too much coloring, or your hair type.

CBD, the wonderful hemp-derived ingredient known to improve skin inflammation, mood, and physical well-being, has entered the hair world to provide its benefits. Infused with a plant-based blend of hemp seed oil and 99% Pure CBD, newly launched Wellphoria by Zotos Professional fixes dryness and over-processing with the rejuvenating power of hemp. 

The green collection includes the Wellphoria Shampoo + Conditioner, Nourishing Intensive Treatment Masque, Hair and Scalp Oil and Hand & Body Lotion.

The hair and conditioner combo will make your hair feel hydrated with stronger, more pliant strands that feel super soft. Your scalp will also feel refreshed. If your hair is very dry and coarse, use the mask to quench thirsty strands and heal them with all of CBD’s health boosting properties. Even two minutes will make hair less coarse — and its natural floral scent is uplifting.

The line is produced in Geneva, NY, in one of the greenest manufacturing plants in the nation, using wind-powered electricity and waste reduction ensuring a small footprint. Wellphoria uses CBD from farms that grow non-GMO hemp plants that utilize pesticide and chemical fertilizer-free farming practices. The CBD derived goes through rigorous third party testing. Find more details about this exciting new brand at

We also love Rice Pudding, a vegan leave-in hair conditioner & moisturizer produced with rice water, jasmine, and vanilla by Ecoslay. It softens hair and feeds curls to keep them strong, shiny and bouncy. Apply liberally to wet or dry hair. Use it to style and control your hair before you go out or to freshen it if dry air makes it feel coarse or frizzy. Keep it in the refrigerator. Ingredients include jasmine and vanilla essential oils, horsetail leaf, marshmallow root extracts, fermented rice water, chamomile flower extract and other plant extracts to heal your curls with empowering ingredients. Order it at