Valentine’s Hair for Naturals

Who doesn’t love to look stunning? And that you will this Valentine’s Day, my love doves, so let’s take a ride on Cupid’s arrow to see what’s in store for natural hair care… I promise you’ll heart all these brands!

Smooth And Restore Shampoo Bar

To start with a really cleansing clean, Ladson’s Smooth And Restore Shampoo Bar is my go-to. I like to rub this bar into my hair for a ton of suds, and its fresh cinnamon scent plus the apple cider vinegar reminds me of an apple pie! After it washes away any flakes and leaves my scalp feeling balanced, I’m a happy curly girl!

All-natural Conditioner Bar

To condition, I apply All-natural Conditioner Bar to my hair directly, swiping through my hair a few times. I finger detangle with its mango butter, rosemary, and castor oil blend. It takes me to a happy tropical paradise and these bars are actually perfect when traveling! Curly girls who are traveling this V’day can rest assured with Ladson.

Max Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

For the curly-headed men that we so dearly love, try him’s Max Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. This has a woody citrusy scent that reminds me of a high-end cologne. My brother reports how the shampoo is clarifying and refreshing, especially after a long work out. The conditioner helped his curls to pop and added so much volume to his afro. I was happy to give him an upgrade in his hair routine!

New Wash + Brush Kit: For Dry Hair

For my days when I want my curls to be cleansed yet moisturized, I’ve been reaching for Hairstory. Their New Wash Rich is for the dry, brittle folks who are in dire need of some assistance. It’s a shampoo and conditioner hybrid, so there’s no foam and all the moisturizer. I squeeze some product out of the pouch and scrub with their hair brush to really work it in… I hang out for a few minutes to shave/scrub/wash and then rinse my hair. And bomb, all done! This is perfect if you’re rushing for that hot date on the 14th (even if it’s just a date with the cat and some pizza).

Hair Balm

Afterwards, I pump some Hair Balm and run it through my hair for a boost of moisture and slight definition. It makes air drying faster and imparts a more carefree look. The effortless cool girl is the vibe when showing off to your date how many places you’ve traveled to during your study abroad time, along with artisanal cheeses knowledge. Best part: you can refill the tube once you run out, so it’s giving love to the planet!

Hair Oil

To seal in all that moisture, I layer in Hair Oil, which has this floral-woody scent that plays well with all genders. It helps to lay flyaways and add shine! Formulated with fatty acids, nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the bottle is small enough to travel with, so I slip it into my bag and add it when I need to freshen up.

Ecoslay’s Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner

We all love dessert, and why not in the hair? Ecoslay’s line is based on all things sweet. As a sweet-tooth lover, I’ve been excited to play with these products. While my hair is damp I comb in the Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner. Made with actual rice water (it really does smell like pudding), it strengthens and hydrates my strands. I put on a shower cap and wait twenty minutes to have it really soak in while sitting under a hooded dryer. Once the time is up, I’m left with the sweetest aroma and spirals that shine!

Jello Shot Curl Definer

My last Jello shot was in Puerto Rico and I must say, it was soooo good. Strawberry and cooling after a long hike, and with Jello Shot Curl Definer, I am reminded of those sweet memories. I apply this Jello gel after the Rice Pudding Leave In, for a super-defined hold. It’s cooling to the scalp, smells so yummy, and holds my hair all night whether I’m heading to dinner, paintball, or dancing this Valentine’s. I know my hair is going to be the talk of the town with Ecoslay!