Vodana Pamper Night Extravaganza

On Wednesday, June 14th, 3D PR & Marketing hosted their first-ever Pamper Night in honor of the Korean haircare brand, Vodana.

The event was hosted at The Ludlow Hotel in lower Manhattan, in a gorgeous suite complete with a spacious balcony overlooking the cityscape.

I arrived fashionably early and was immediately ushered into the suite to have my hair curled by the amazing Riley of Shelley Saunders Salon. Riley used a combination of products from her salon and Vodana tools, which were all in a pastel rainbow of colors. I always enjoy having my hair curled professionally since my attempts at sleeping with wet braids don’t last very long. The expertise, tools, and products made all the difference.

Vodana Pamper Night Extravaganza

The food and drink spread was a focal point in the room I kept returning to, devouring fruit skewers, cheese, and chocolate-covered strawberries as if I had never seen such treats before.

Nayla, whom I had already befriended on the elevator up to our suite, was my talented esthetician for the night. We chatted about my current skincare routine and the importance of hydration even for acne-prone skin. Nayla gave me one of the most relaxing facials I’ve ever experienced, all the while leaving my mascara mostly untouched, ensuring that my hair, skin, and eyes, all looked incredible.

Nayla’s Instagram can be found HERE.

While basking in the unmistakable New York City views out on the balcony, I met Solaris the Hii Priestess for a tarot card reading, my first ever not conducted by a friend. Solaris asked me about my astrology chart, and I shared that I am a Scorpio with a Cancer rising and an Aries moon. She then began my reading, and her insights were almost eerily perceptive. An especially touching takeaway was the realization that I define what success looks like for me, and it might not be a linear path or align with what success looks like for other people. Solaris also emphasized that I should always, always communicate, whether it be at work, in my friendships, or in my romantic life.

Leaving the pamper night, I felt a delicious combination of spoiled and fulfilled, both from a beauty standpoint and a spiritual one. And I got to take home with me the most generous goody bag chock full of the best products, including a mini hair brush, clips, and a portable SPF.

Vodana Pamper Night Extravaganza

Vodana Pamper Night Extravaganza

Order Vodana products HERE.

Read about Vodana’s GlamWave Curling Iron Packs HERE.

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