Vodana’s GlamWave Curling Iron Packs the Heat to Keep Your Tresses Neat

Whether you want the sleek spirals of a siren or the soft curls of a red-carpet starlet, Vodana has you covered. This professional haircare brand has candy-colored hot tools for all your hair styling needs. Vodana’s GlamWave Curling Iron is easy to use and produces glam results. As a hot tool enthusiast who loves a YouTube curling tutorial, I was eager to try this new tool.

The multi-step temperature control allows you to choose the heating range you’re comfortable with, so you don’t end up with crispy ends. Since my hair has a medium texture, I opted for a mid-range temperature for maximum curl hold. This multi-faceted product can give you beach waves or soft curls, depending on which technique you use. As someone who likes to change up my hair texture, I love products that give me multiple styling options. The curling iron’s clamp was firm enough to hold my hair without getting tangled in it. The ceramic coating sealed in my hair’s moisture, for a sleek, smooth curl. 

My favorite feature was the swivel cord, which let me easily maneuver both sides of my hair, without getting tangled in the wires. If you’re looking for a curling iron that’s easy to use and gives you a salon-ready finished product, Vodana’s GlamWave Curling Iron is worth the investment.  

You can find Vodana’s GlamWave Curling Iron at Amazon.


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