Wash-and-Go: Holiday Edition

Having healthy curls makes me happy. There’s so much confidence I gain when I have a fabulous hair day. The thing is though, curls need a bit more love and care, being the most delicate hair type. That’s where Aphogee comes in. They have so many goodies for my strands that I’m able to mix and match products to create the perfect wash-and-go.

Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo
For a clean foundation, I start with the Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo. It smells as good as it sounds, and lathers even better. My curls hadn’t been washed in a week and definitely were suffering. This shampoo cleaned them right up, gently of course. It was like a spa in my shower. My scalp was soothed and my curls hydrated.

Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer
To condition my curls I used the Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer. It is a leave in but I used it to deep condition. I applied some, combed it through, and wrapped my hair up with a hair tie. Leave on for ten minutes and when I washed it out, I was left with touchable curls just begging to be seen. The shea butter is the star of the show, making it a win in my curly hair book.

Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-in
When I got out of the shower I applied the Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-in. This leave in comes in a spray bottle, making for an evening coating of product on my hair. I then finger detangle and watched as the cream disappeared into my curls. It really brought out my curl pattern and made me excited to try the next sister product.

Curlific! Curl Definer
For my styler, I pulled out the Curlific! Curl Definer. This cream defines each of my curls, creating this beautiful hold that lasts allllll day and night, while still being touchable and bouncy! You only need a dime sized amount and coat it through your hair.

Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum
I followed up with the Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum. This product adds shine and locks in all of the moisture I worked so hard on in the previous steps. It’s formulated with Quinoa Amino Acids, Panthenol, Phytantriol and PCA.

Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer
After a few days my hair needed a little pick-me-up. This is where Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer comes to the rescue. It has keratin protein and green tea that strengthens strands, making it a heaven sent after all the picking, fluffing, and overall manipulation of my curls. I know I’m giving it the nutrients it needs while refreshing. A win-win!

Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray
To finish off my routine I go in with Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray. It adds a glossy sheen while protecting against UV rays. Yes, your hair can get damaged from the sun, so protect it with Gloss Therapy
Polisher Spray.

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