Women We Laud: Ceremonia Founder and CEO, Babba C. Rivera

After trying and falling in love with Ceremonia’s products for myself, I got the chance to ask the Founder and CEO, Babba C. Rivera, some questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Swedish Latina living in New York, splitting my time between my Upstate home in Tuxedo Park and our Brooklyn apartment. I am the mother of baby Alma and the founder of clean hair care brand Ceremonia.

Tell us about Ceremonia.

Ceremonia is a clean hair care brand rooted in latinx heritage. Inspired by the rituals I grew up with and a strong devotion to clean beauty, natural ingredients and inclusivity, Ceremonia is here to celebrate the richness of Latinx culture through a sustainable and modern brand.

What made you get into haircare?

After successfully replacing my entire skincare routine to a clean and toxic-free ritual, I was able to unlock my most naturally glowing and healthy skin. This experience embarked me on a mission to replace all of my beauty rituals with clean ones, from bodycare to detergent and beyond – but surprisingly enough, hair care was one of the beauty categories that was still extremely behind. I wanted a hair care routine that was like skincare for my hair, meaning products filled with nutrition to help combat things like frizz, dryness and breakage, while boosting shine, volume and softness without toxic ingredients. The personal desire for a clean hair care ritual with focus on overall hair wellness above styling was ultimately the lighting spark.

What do you wish you knew about hair care when you were younger that you know now?

I wish I understood the importance of true care when it comes to hair care. My younger self was more concerned with styling products, toxic sprays and heating tools to tame my hair, instead of embracing my natural texture and investing in products that would help unlock healthy and naturally beautiful hair. Just like makeup was more exciting than skincare when I was younger, styling for the day was more appealing than actually caring for my hair.

Ceremonia 2

What are some products from Ceremonia you’d like to highlight?

Our best-selling product is the Scalp Power Duo, featuring the Aceite de Moska scalp and hair oil, along with our signature Scalp Massager. Together, these two products work wonders to help unlock overall hair wellness. What most people don’t realize is that healthy hair truly begins at the scalp, yet the scalp has been such an unsexy topic in the beauty category for far too long.

To learn more, visit ceremonia.com.

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