Rescue Your Crowning Glory: Color Oops + Aquis O2

These two hair care superstars will solve your hair care problems to unlock your mane’s shine and color this summer:

Color Oops is a conditioning color remover that protects fragile hair, which is ideal for those in-quarantine times when you may have been tempted to dye your own hair with less than stellar results. You can re-color your hair the same day, too. The Color Oops hair care remover only requires 20 minutes, and contains aloe vera and soy protein for hair health. this safely removes both permanent and semi-permanent color. Bleach free and ammonia-free, it fixes off-tone color as well.


Aquis Prime Haircare O2++ Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash is a purifying hair and scalp wash with the motto “Truth: Lather Doesn’t Mean Clean.” It gently removes buildup from hair products, pollution, and hard water more thoroughly than traditional shampoos and cleansers with activated charcoal and salicylic acid. Impurities are whisked away without stripping your hair’s natural oils, restoring hair’s bounce and shine. Simply squeeze, saturate hair, rinse, and savor the softness. Made in the USA.


If it’s time to refresh your hair care routine, these two will do the trick quite beautifully.