In the Hot Seat: Lisa Jachno of labnails

This month, celeb manicurist Lisa Jachno of labnails ( is In the Hot Seat. She has worked with everyone from the Pretty Woman, to the most famous Friend to the twerking queen! So, this is one beautiful brain we had to pick. Find out what trend is on its way down and which is on its way up, up, up and much more.

BN: Who are some of the celebs you work with as a celeb manicurist? Can you share some insider “tips” — no pun– on working with some of them, like who prefers what shape or style or how you work with certain celebs to come up with a nail look for a shoot or an event? Essentially, put is in your heels and pull back the curtain!

LJ: Some of my celebrity clients include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston and Miley Cyrus.

Julia Roberts loves a clean nail when she isn’t on the red carpet. Her shape is trendy (square) with a buffed natural nail. The look is on-trend — clean, fresh and keeps its appeal for 7 to 10 days bringing out the natural shine of her nails. Jennifer Aniston’s nails are a classic shape (squoval) and her color of choice is a soft pink.

Miley wears a long, edgy nail (long and pointed) usually in black or red. For red carpet looks, it always depends on the wardrobe choices and I like to coordinate with the makeup artist to balance out the look. Of course I always want to be sure my clients are happy and love their nails when I’m finished; that’s what makes my job truly meaningful and is always my main goal.

BN:What is the ONE thing every woman should know about nail care or nail fashion?
LJ: The one thing every woman should know about nail care and nail fashion is if you keep your nails properly filed, with an even length, shaped tips and hydrated cuticle and hands. Your nails will always look presentable. There’s nothing worse than jagged, uneven nails and dry, ragged cuticles.

BN: The nail art trend as of late has been textures and long, almond-shaped daggers and designs. Is it on the upswing still or is it fading in favor of something new?
LJ: The nail art trend is becoming less extreme and more about playing with color, layering shades and two toned French or moon nails. These are definitely becoming more popular over the chunky spikes or more intricate nail designs.

BN: What trends do you see coming down the pike in 2014 and beyond?
LJ: For 2014, we’re making our way back to the clean and classic feminine nails — nails that are professional looking, buffed, from sheer and nude to coral, rose and mauve. For more drama, I see Bordeaux Red to Port Burgundy.

BN: Do you have a favorite shade of all time? If so, what is it?
LJ: My favorite shade of all time is Garnet by an old school nail brand called Miss Marion. I used this on one of my favorite magazine covers shot by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar with Ashley Judd. It’s a stunning color that is vibrant and a bit transparent with a hint of frost; there’s nothing like it.

BN: Is there a nail trend you’d like to see fade into the sunset?
LJ: Ok, I definitely think the chunky nail art needs to fade away. Who can really wear that? Your hair and things would get stuck in it! Also, those fat, wide, square, acrylic white tipped nails, or as I call it: The Long Island Medium look.

BN: Favorite beauty product of all time – doesn’t have to be a nail product!
LJ: My favorite beauty product of all time is the Clarisonic Face Brush. It really keeps your pores clean and free of blackheads and bumps. I love how you can use it in the shower which helps save time when you’re on the go!

BN: Do you have a favorite bargain product?
LJ: My favorite bargain product is the 5 minute tooth whitener. It’s so easy and fast to use. I get compliments on how white and sparkly my teeth are all the time. This whitener doesn’t hurt your teeth at all if you have sensitivity like some others I have tried and it’s cheap…about $8.

BN: My dilemma: REALLY dry cuticles. I moisturize daily and have oily skin, so dry skin is not a problem for me, save for my cuticles. They are miserable. Help!
LJ: For dry cuticles, it’s important to exfoliate them regularly, you can rub with a wash cloth in the shower, pushing back and rubbing in a circular motion. This helps clean the cuticle and remove dead skin while moist in the shower. Follow with a dab of A&D ointment cream; it’s rich and you only need a little.

BN: I tend to go light on my fingernails and dark on my toenails when it comes to polish, since light nails look clean and don’t show chips, even though I’d prefer to go dark. Any suggestions?
LJ: If you want to go dark on your hands and want it to last a bit longer, make sure to buff nails lightly and use a sticky base coat. The buffing helps remove build up on the nails, allowing products to stick better. Always make sure to seal the edges of your nails with base, color and top coat. If you see after a few days the color wearing from the tips of the nails, touch them up with the color and add another coat of top coat. This will definitely allow you to go a full week without chips.

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