In the Hot Seat With Maybelline’s Yadim


Yadim, a Mexican American and Cali native transplanted to NYC, was named the Global Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York in the spring, dosing the longstanding, iconic brand and drugstore fave with an urban edge and energy.

It’s a new role for him and one that he relishes, since it involves developing products and creating looks for the brand’s advertising.

That’s why we HAD to invite him to have his moment In the Hot Seat with Beauty News this month!

Find out what products Yadim can’t live without and why and learn his approach to melt-proof summer makeup. You can also take his advice for cheapie chic shopping at your local drug store and discover the new “smoky lips” lip trend that he is ALL about!

Smoky lips? Who the? What the? Don’t just sit there with that quizzical look on your face. Let your eyes navigate and migrate downward and read all about Yadim and the smoky lip trend he mentioned. Meanwhile, we’ll be in front of our mirrors, practicing it.

BN: What is your role at Maybelline and what does it entail?
Y: I’m the Global Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York – the creative advisor for the brand. In a nutshell, I work with Maybelline for fashion shows around the globe, develop products and new shades, and create the looks for advertising campaigns.

BN: Absolute FAVORITE Maybelline product of all time?
Y: Great Lash Mascara.

BN: Favorite non-Maybelline product?
Y: YSL’s Touche Eclat.

BN: Can you share an essential tip all women can use/apply pertaining to summer beauty?
Y: Keep your look melt-proof and apply products that last through the heat and humidity, like waterproof mascara and SuperStay lipstick. Also, summer is a time you can really play with color. Applying colors to your cheeks, lids and lips with your fingertips is a way to ease yourself into color because it is easier to control the intensity.

BN: Some women can be snooty about their products, but I find some real gems at CVS and Duane Reade. Do you have any tips or advice for shopping bargain brands?
Y: Start with a moisturizer from La Roche-Posay and a lip balm from Maybelline like Baby Lips. You’ll see the products are just as good, if not better. Then try a shadow and mascara.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe is a great color to start with because it’s neutral and goes with almost anything.

BN: One Maybelline item ALL women must have?
Y: Baby Lips!

BN: What trends are you forecasting for 2014/fall?
Y: We’ll be seeing a lot of facial sculpting, highlighting and contouring in a not-so-obvious way. It is a mono-tonal approach, with beiges and neutrals to create a look that is never flat. Retro looks, like Bambi lashes with soft palettes, are definitely present. Also, you’ll be seeing what I’m calling a smoky lip — lips that look kissed-off with hazy, undefined edges.

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