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Bella Il Fiore’s Jennifer Maloy

Celebs, like Amy Smart, Amber Valetta and Isla Fisher, love the fabulously girly Bella Il Fiore line and it’s easy to understand why. The company, started by Jennifer Maloy, is packaged in an assortment of pink (but not precious) tubes, tins and boxes and the products are of the utmost quality. Bella Il Fiore, which views cosmetics like treats for women, is an expansive line that runs the gamut from color products to skincare to lip scrubs. We chatted with Miss Maloy about the evolution of her company and of course, her suggestions for what every woman needs in her vanity or her Marc Jacobs tote.

Favorite product she created: “The Honeysuckle Grapefruit Whipped Body Crème because it is so incredibly luxe and smells amazing. It’s appropriate any season, any time!”

The Bella Il Fiore product every woman must own: “The Double Agent Lip Tint,” she says. “It’s a stain that will not wear off and it gives you that flattering ‘flushed’ look.” Double Agents are like felt-tipped markets for your lip and she’s right! They don’t budge. Our favorite is the berry-toned shade.

Beauty trend she loves: “I’m still head over heels for dark nail polish, and of course red lips are a classic. I use Bella’s Lip Tint in 003 then top with Kiss Me Now Gloss in Stiletto.”

Trend she hopes comes back: “I love the drama of the current looks, but I hope we’ll see a return to that fresh, ‘glowing’ face.” The runways were showing lots of dewy complexions, so perhaps she’s on to something!

On the creative impetus for new products: The old adage that “necessity is the mother of invention” applies to Maloy’s inspiration for new products. “Creating new products is actually fun! I like seeing a void and filling it with a product that is useful, user-friendly and beautiful! And I love feedback from my customers.” Hear that, Bella fans? If you like what Maloy is doing, visit the company’s site, at  and let her know what you think.

Why she started her own company: Two very crucial reasons caused Maloy to form Bella Il Fiore: the desire to spend more time with her kids and to be her own boss. She says, “I had drawers spilling over with products and was thinking how great it would be to have a beauty line that offered an edited collection of simple, easy-to-use but glamorous products. And voila! Bella was born!” She launched the line in 2000 and has been going strong ever since. Maloy is also “extremely involved in the creation of each product from conception to packaging design to selling.” Therefore, each Bella creation has her personal approval and touch.

On Bella’s evolution: The self-professed product junkie believes there is always room for growth, saying, “I always wanted Bella to have a feminine appeal. We’re sort of evolving into a more sophisticated look with bold florals, muted palettes and higher-end products”.

Her favorite non-Bella Il Fiore product: MOROCCANOIL for hair. “It’s safe to say I’m obsessed,” Maloy admits. “I am also mad for Mason Pearson brushes.”

Bella Il Fiore’s philosophy: There’s beauty in simplicity, and Maloy says, “Bella is constantly praised for its simplicity, wearability, and femininity and how approachable the line is.” We’re inclined to agree.

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