In the Hot Seat: Darac

Darac – one name, like Madonna, Cher, and other luminaries in the beauty world, only he’s a man- is the force behind DARAC BEAUTY. He’s a celeb makeup artist and launched his own line,, which is available through QVC. He maintains his beauty philosophy is about the garnish, not the main course, and that highlighting a woman’s natural beauty is the way to go. His celeb clientele includes A-listers like Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price and Sara Paxton. Beauty News NYC was happy to chat with the artist about his tips and techniques -seriously, read on for his ‘blush-print’ suggestion- for enhancing and garnishing, balance and symmetry and never applying blush like ‘face jewelry.’

Favorite DARAC BEAUTY product?
The Tourquam Brush. It is a true beauty breakthrough that never before existed. I combined three powerful technologies including CSI fingerprinting, 3-D sculpting, and the inertia of magnetism to actually create the first patented brush for applying powder and mineral makeup.

Product you cannot live without?
DARAC BEAUTY Feature Focus. It has the three most important beauty products all women need in one place; perfected skin, light bright eyes, and chiseled cheekbones with the look of an instant 10-lb weight loss. Who doesn’t want that?

Beauty tips/secret you can share?
Some of my favorite beauty tips are the most simple but most effective. Everything you do in your makeup routine must revolve around the theory that the appearance of youth and symmetry equal beauty. It is a universal truth and it will allow you to become more attractive! Your eyebrows should even out your eyes and also be highlighted to bring them to life. The same holds true for lips. These are the two easiest places to redefine symmetry in your face and bring them to life, so check out DARAC BEAUTY Brow Trio. Never apply blush like face jewelry! If you bend over and touch your toes for a minute, then look in the mirror, when you straighten up, it will be very apparent where your personal blush-print is! This fresh flushed look is where your blush should be placed and it will always allow you to look your most youthful.

Darac’s Beauty Tips/Musts:
Always use a light beige pencil in the inner bottom part of your eyelids. It will remove the redness and take 10 years off your look. To find the perfect lipstick, test it on our pinky finger. If it melds in with the color of your pinky, it will be a winner. NEVER EVER WEAR CONCEALER AROUND YOUR EYES WITHOUT EYE CREAM FIRST. It will look more natural and you won’t have to wear a cast to cover a paper cut.

Darac’s Winter Beauty Tips:
Turn down the color volume! Walking in and out of cold weather will dramatically affect your makeup. When your skin cools down quickly, you will become dehydrated and start to produce more oil on your face. This will oxidize and exacerbate color so calm color down to cool brown tones that will make you look healthy and not orange and red. Be sure to use a hydrating masque once a week to keep skin in great condition. This will also allow you to use more waterproof products without creating wrinkles. A great hydrating treatment is Dr. Jon Turk’s HydraFacial.

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