In the Hot Seat: Dick Page, Shiseido


Now this what we call a coup! Beauty News NYC Beauty Editor Amy Sciarretto was able to nail down the always-in-demand and incredibly busy Dick Page, makeup master extraordinaire at Shiseido, for this edition of the In the Hot Seat column.

Page doesn’t believe in trends. He believes in having fun with beauty, since it’s a temporary condition and a state of mind. He loves a glowing and healthy-looking complexion, dark, punky eye makeup and sunscreen.

The MUA, who is one of the most respected in the business, shared some of his favorite Shiseido wares, offered tips on how to use your face when you apply makeup, his disbelief in trends and more.

BN: This is a toughie, we know. Of all Shiseido products face/color products, which is your absolute favorite and why?
My favourite Shiseido products are the Luminizing Satin Face Colors, particularly the white (High Beam White, WT905) and gold (Soft Beam Gold, BE206) shades. I love how they make the skin glow. I get through them at the shows like you wouldn’t believe!

BN: We’d love for our readers to feel as though you were there personal makeup artist for one moment. Can you share one of your patented, universal makeup tips for all women?
Pull faces in the mirror! Seriously! Smile when you’re applying blush and lipstick. Tilt your chin up and look down your nose in the mirror to more easily apply liner and eye colour. Also, a tri-fold mirror is a good investment so you can check out your face, and your makeup, from different angles.

BN: Can you choose a favorite non-Shiseido product and why?
I love the Make Up For Ever box of cream colours. It’s incredibly useful for custom mixing colours for different looks or unusual effects.

BN: What is one Shiseido product ALL women must try/use at least once in their life?
A good Shiseido red lipstick. I’m particularly fond of Perfect Rouge in Dragon (RD514). It looks great full-strength or lightly patted on with a fingertip, worn alone or layered over with gloss. It looks great on loads of different women.

BN: Can you look forward a little to Fall 2012? Any tips or hints on trend that will be big, so our readers can plan ahead?
I don’t believe in trends, but I loved the look from Michael Kors fall show, the bright red lips and cheeks. It just looked so fresh and vivid.

BN: Is there a desert island product you MUST have in every one of your hints? If so, what is it and why?
The most (the only?) important desert island product is serious sunblock! Other than that, Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Leather (BR306), Meadow (BE204) and Sable (BR709) to brush through the brows.

BN: You’ve one of the most respected and recognized MUAs in the business. You’ve seen lots of trends and styles come and go through the years. Do you have an absolute favorite style that you see any making a comeback?
I love a glowing, healthy looking complexion — that’s my default make up position. Other than that, anything goes, although I also really love the look of punky, greasy black eye makeup.

BN: What is your overarching makeup philosophy?
Makeup should both look and feel good. Ignore trends and fashion unless they really speak to you.

BN: Anything you’d like to say, please feel free!
Beauty is a temporary condition, have fun with it!

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