In the Hot Seat: Nina Soriano for Cargo Cosmetics


Nina Soriano, a makeup artist for Cargo Cosmetics, gamely stepped up to the plate and offered some seriously worthwhile tips as part of her participation in our monthly In the Hot Seat column.

Her key tip: hydrate and preserve your skin. Trust her – she’s an expert and she knows best. She also offered a range of products that will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous, despite dealing with oppressive summer hip! It’s always best to be prepared with some advance tips and advice from a makeup artist. Are we right or are we right?

BN: What is your favorite Cargo product of all time and why?
NS: My all-time favorite Cargo product is the Cargo Blush. There is a wonderful color selection for so many skin tones, the pigments are amazing and the textures are gorgeous and creamy!

BN: What is your favorite drugstore dream product and why?
NS: Sunscreen! Skin preservation at an early age is extremely important. Your skin will thank you in your 30s, 40s and beyond.

BN: One universal makeup tip that applies to all women, regardless of skin tone or color or hair or eye color?
NS: Hydrate your skin! Our skin is our biggest facial feature. A great tip: For oily skin – a light lotion, and for dry skin – a moisturizer.

BN: What is your personal beauty philosophy?
NS: My personal beauty philosophy is to always cleanse, moisturize and apply eye cream.

BN: No. 1 splurge product?
My biggest splurge is Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme peel. It’s a completely decadent purchase, but always leaves my skin feeling smoother and brighter!

BN: Any tips you can share about how to keep summer makeup fresh and beautiful despite the heat?
NS: Keep your makeup simple and easy in the summer. I am a big fan of the Cargo Water Resistant Bronzer for a little color, followed by any of their iconic blushes. I also love big, waterproof lashes so I wear the Cargo Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara – it’s truly waterproof and lasts all day! Plus, it does not break my lashes when removing. Lastly, always wear a long-wearing gloss like Cargo’s Las Vegas Strip – it’s my favorite nude lip gloss.

BN: Can you give us your Twitter-sized background? A 140-word or character bio of sorts.
NS: Aussie living in NY. Makeup Artist. Beauty enthusiast.

BN: Do you have any hints on what the fall trends will be?
NS: Based on the fall fashion shows, there will be a lot of gray tones and all things monochromatic. In makeup, this translates into “anything goes!”

In having said that, there are still a few key things to consider. Keep your skin flawless, clean, dewy and hydrated. If eyes are your favorite feature, try a simple smoky eye – instead of black, try using gray tones or chocolate tones.

And if you’re a lip girl, find your go-to berry tone that provides a satin finish (like Cargo’s Lip Gloss in Paris). For the cheeks girl, try contouring your cheek using Cargo Matte Bronzer – it really compliments dewy looking skin.

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