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With twenty years to her credit as a professional makeup artist, Susan Posnick has worked with supermodels, celebrities and legendary photographers. But when she was diagnosed with skin cancer in the late ’90’s, Posnick’s true calling came into focus – the development of her signature cosmetics line, best known for its high SPF COLORFLO Foundation. Available in 13 shades suited to nearly every skintone, the powder foundation – formulated with just nine natural ingredients – is dispersed from a handy self-dispensing refillable brush. After testing it, we at BN fell in love and knew that we just had to learn more about the line and the woman behind it.

BN: Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to become a makeup artist?
SP: My inspiration for becoming a makeup artist was my love and fascination with shapes and color, and my passion for fashion. Fortunately, I was blessed with a “6th sense” of sorts, enabling me to know what colors best bring out a persons features – and I developed a strong understanding of how to shape a face using light and shadow. When I realized how I could completely transform someone’s looks using just color along with the concept of shadow and light – I was hooked!

BN: What’s your most memorable experience as a makeup artist?
SP: Without a doubt, having the opportunity to work with Francesco Scavullo – way back when…

BN: Do you have a project that you’re particularly proud of?
SP: During the filming of the movie Born on the Fourth of July, I asked to assist the special effects makeup artist with war injuries – work that didn’t fall within my normal “realm” of beauty makeup. I happen to have a weak stomach and although I could barely stand to see my work on the screen – I was quite proud of what I did.

BN: You’ve worked as a consultant to a major beauty brand, as well as an educator. What did you take from those experiences that aided in the launch of your cosmetics line?
SP: I was Mary Kay’s personal makeup artist for many years, and she taught me countless invaluable lessons; but what I took as the most significant, was the importance and consequence of having your own name on your products. If your name is on the package, it makes it abundantly clear that you firmly stand behind whatever products you are selling. If I didn’t believe in every element of Susan Posnick Cosmetics, it would be impossible for me to put my name on every product, box and piece of marketing that leaves our office.

In addition, through my years as a makeup artist and educator, it is clear to me that women want beautiful, healthy looking skin, and quick and easy makeup application which enhances their own beauty.

BN: If a woman’s willing to commit to just buying ONE Susan Posnick product today, what should it be? Why?
SP: I would undoubtedly say COLORFLO mineral foundation, because I believe there is nothing healthier or better for your skin. COLORFLO provides flawless coverage and strong sun protection, using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as natural sunblocks, and because it self -dispenses from a luxurious brush, it’s easy to apply and carry with you.

BN: It’s always fun to hear what products beauty pros can’t live without. What beauty goodies can always be found in your bathroom?
SP: J & E Atkinsons – I Coloniali Thailanese shower cream – can’t shower without it. Smith’s Rosebud Salve – to use at bedtime on lips and cuticles. Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel – keeps my skin hydrated, which is not easy with all the flying I do Alora Ambiance Reed Diffusers – for my bathrooms and my closets.

BN: Last but not least…do you have a “dirty little beauty secret?”
SP: Regrettably, some nights I just don’t get my makeup off. I don’t mind so much not removing COLORFLO mineral foundation, because it is all natural, and your skin breathes through it – but I hate myself in the morning for leaving my mascara on!

For more information or to purchase Susan Posnick cosmetics, visit

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