In the Hot Seat: Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino

Too Faced Cosmetics are divine. The hip trendsetter, the risk-taker and the youthful aplomb in all of us naturally gravitate towards the line’s ultra-adorable packaging and multi-functional products. Even superstar Gwen Stefani, with her purr-fect red lips and expertly lined eyes, loves the line and is allowing Too Faced to serve as makeup support for her upcoming May 2009 tour.

Too Faced is constantly evolving and offering thrilling new products to decorate our visages. We are partial to the new Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and not just because of its light but decadent cocoa scent. The matte formula is meant to be swept on browbones, from ear to cheek, on the nose and cheekbones and promises you’ll never end up with that hideous, neon orange, tanorexic hue that some bronzers give off! It’s all of the benefits of a chocolate, sans calories! Mood Swing Emotionally Activated lip gloss is another airy treat from the line. The gloss slicks on crystal clear and blossoms into any of a number of pink shades based on your body chemistry and heat. It’s versatile, as the shade is entirely up to you and your mood. So if you’re stressed out at a sample sale or newly in love, the gloss is supposed to reflect your state of mind. Even if that’s a bunch of pflooey, it’s still a gorgeous, kissable shade! Both products are available at Sephora locations or

Too Faced co-founder and CEO Jerrod Blandino chatted with Beauty News about his line and how he is constantly stimulated to create cute, totally desirable new products.

Too Faced is girly, glam, luxe, fancy, flirty, and cute all at once – how do you think the line can appeal to a broad or possibly older demographic of women?
The line appeals to an older demographic of women because we use the purest pigments and the most luxurious, highest quality ingredients in the world, which impart a sophisticated and couture quality edge to any woman’s look.

What’s your favorite product you’ve created?
My favorite product is Lash Injection. Utilizing the same space-age technology created for NASA, Lash Injection is the most innovative mascara on the market. The best part is that yes, it’s very extreme, but still non-irritating and super gentle at the same time. It’s tomorrow’s technology being applied to today’s woman.

What’s the one product you wish you’d created? One you love, but didn’t think of first?
Biore Pore Strips! I am grossed out and excited all at the same time. I am addicted.

Gwen Stefani will be rocking your make up on her upcoming tour with No Doubt. Will you design more products with Gwen specifically in mind?

She’s a great inspiration, that’s for sure! We have been doing it for years, not only for Gwen, but for many of our celebrity and pop star friends. Starry-Eyed Liquid Liner and Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Runway Red were specifically inspired by Gwen.

What type of woman wears/uses Too Faced products?
The Too Faced woman is any woman who wants to be admired and envied for being the most fantastic woman in the room. She is someone who wants to stand out in a crowd because she is the most fabulous version of herself.

Here’s your chance to hype any new products you are loving!
Too Faced is considerably prolific, always offering new products. I am inspired by art, fashion, architecture and beautiful people. LockDown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows were created using our famous Shadow Insurance Eye Primer. These cream eye shadows were created as a direct response from client feedback.

What’s your favorite trend right now?
I love that color is back! Pops of super saturated shades that are reminiscent of 80’s punk pop are so much fun and so sexy. Red, Biore

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