In The Hot Seat With Balm Chicky’s Abby Schwalb


Balm Chicky is one of our favorite lip balms, thanks to the delish flavors and the adorbs and convenient packaging, which includes a flip-top “Friend End.” That means you can share it with you BFFs without getting their germs.

We’ve been covering the brand since it launched with a more porno chic marketing campaign, which it has since moved on from.

We spoke to Abby Schwalb, who co-founded Balm Chicky, about what’s new and what’s next for their innovative lip balm!

BN: So, Balm Chicky has gone through some changes—you were on Shark Tank, you updated the packaging. Fill us in on what’s new and exciting? Are you no longer doing the porno chic imaging?
AS: When we went to California to shoot the Shark Tank episode, we were already thinking about a package redesign and what that might look like. We brought it up to the Sharks but it was cut from the episode. That said, yes, for the most part the characters aren’t featured anymore, although we do bring them out by way of full-sized stand ups for events and such which is a lot of fun. Our new packaging has a modernized ’70s edge and has a broader appeal, which is perfect for the direction we’re moving in.

BN:The Friend End is such a great idea, since ppl always ask me for lip balm… how do you keep the friend end clean if you let all sorts of friends use it?
AS:I’ve done Anti-Bac spray to keep it as germ-free as possible.

You can certainly spray the tip of your Friend End to get it clean. But it’s just as easy to wrap a finger in a tissue or a wipe and swipe away the top. However, we often think that if someone is going to ask to borrow your balm, that goes on your lips, they aren’t the ones too concerned about germs. The Friend End is designed to protect the balm owner, but lets you let them decide. In essence, it lets you be benevolent with your balm. Or they can get their own Balm Chicky Balm Balm!

BN: Any new flavors or colors or styles coming soon?
AS: We’re always throwing out new flavor ideas. It’s pretty fun to think about things like Pistachio Mustachio, Va Va Vanilla, or even a Coconut Cream… We’ve got our flavor names archived by degree of naughtiness. We have many, many ideas in the works and expect to have something new available for 2016. We’ll be sure you’re one of the first to know!

BN: What is one product you didn’t create but cannot live without?
AS: I love The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ in Blood Orange. It prepares my lips for an application of Balm Chicky Balm Balm and the result is the smoothest, softest lips you can imagine; just ask my man.

BN: Favorite luxe product?
AS: Creed in Silver Mountain Water. The scent is the perfect combination of fresh, sexy, and unforgettable!

BN: Favorite bargain product?
AS: Coconut Oil for… pretty much everything. Moisturizer, conditioner, bath oil, I mix it with sugar for a body scrub. The stuff is magic!

BN: What can we expect from Balm Chicky through the rest of 2015 and beyond?
AS: Balm Chicky Balm Balm will continue to stay true to its ’70s roots, making all natural products with a kitschy, playful edge. We think high quality product doesn’t have to take itself too seriously. We’re planning to make The Friend End a household name so we can continue on our mission – moistening lips everywhere!

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