In the Hot Seat with Dianne Brill

Dianne Brill is fabulous and not just because she created an eponymous and extensive cosmetics line that is packaged in sexy and sleek lingerie motifs. Seriously, the packaging on products like lace-covered Eye Lingerie Liquid Eye Liner (essential for creating flawless cat eyes) or her full coverage/color lip-glosses, which are nestled in cupcake liners, is almost too cute to toss! Brill was christened “Queen of the Night” by NYC pop culture icon Andy Warhol because of her fabulosity as a model and “It” girl. Brill, who splits her time between the Big Apple and Switzerland, graciously granted BN some time to chat about her line and her personal commitment to her customers.

BN: Of all the products you created, which is your fave?
DB: I am so pleased with my Still and Fill skincare with Swiss Hydro Apple Fruit and Simulated Temple Snake Venom. It stills and calms your face topically and it fills up the little lines to brighten up your look, exactly what most women want.

BN: What is the one product by Dianne Brill that every woman needs in her make up bag?
DB: My lashes are very easy to wear and incredibly natural looking. They are doubled up on the outer corners for a right-angled, cat-eyed look. I designed these lashes for you to be seen and remembered. Another essential goody is my vitamin rich treatment Lip Gloss. Not only is the formula enhanced with the most potent dose of Vitamin E on the market to soothe and soften lips, but the gentle patented plumper works continuously to give you luscious, kissable lips.

BN: What is your favorite beauty product you didn’t create?
DB: I’m a great fan of most Kiehl’s products. I create many of my skincare products with the chemist who made most of the original Kiehl’s products along with an impressive team of chemists here in Switzerland.

BN: You have managed to fuse a femme yet edgy aesthetic with your products. What was the impetus?
DB: As the beauty designer for my brand, my perspective is complex and very personal. I design everything you see, from the outer package to the product itself, from the perspective of a woman who applies her products to herself, just as my client does. Women want first class performance, and a more personal feeling of being adored and understood. I design with the intention of giving my customer a pretty present she can open, a lovely package to look at that feels wonderful in her hand. A delicious scent, a yummy texture, and most importantly, absolute top performance in the product itself. I do this with the intention to please her on a personal level as if we had actually met. I’m dedicated to delivering my customer an exclusive entrance into the house of Dianne Brill. She is my treasured guest and I will do all I can to make her welcome.

BN: You’ve earned your reputation as a “Queen of the Night,” as a cutting edge woman with her well-manicured finger on the pulse of NYC nightlife. What grabs your eye?
DB: I love the people and styles of pop culture before they become copied and synthetic. Couture, moreso than kitsch, inspires me. Once in Paris, I watched a beautifully made up woman eat a creamy dessert so carefully and elegantly you would think she was eating cream off of a stem of a rose. She was an inspiration for a two-gloss vitamin treatment mixing set I designed called Ice and Flame. Couture and kitsch are similar as they are both larger than life. Couture is made of a special quality that when examined it reveals lovely details designed simply to please you. I am inspired to please and to only make products that do what I say they do. No exceptions.

BN: Also, what do you recommend that jet-setting, busy women do to combat the effects of late nights, free radicals, etc?
DB: My advice to women with overly active life styles is to respect your beauty by building the time into your day to include a beauty ritual that makes you feel cared for. For example, a peeling mask, an extra coat of mascara or a bubbly milk bath instead of a shower for a few moments more of luxury.

BN: Any new Dianne Brill products in the pipeline?
DB: My perfume was eight years in the making. I did not stop until I was absolutely ready. Dianne Brill perfume will be launched in the US in fall. The scent is very new and is layered with stories and warm secrets. The perfume underwent a lengthy process to make sure the scent melts into your body chemistry so your natural scent is not lost. You don’t smell the same as anyone else who wears it. Eight years is a luxury in designing I won’t have again.

BN: Any style tips for the modern New York woman?
DB: Understand that you don’t have to act or dress like a man to be taken seriously. You are a woman to be reckoned with and adored as a woman. Nothing less. Start with this. Then treat your “getting ready” time not as a chore but (as something) you can absolutely enjoy.

BN: Do you have a favorite nostalgic product that spawned your desire to create cosmetics?
DB: I learned a lot being made up for shoots and runways and creating looks for myself and friends for parties. A simple thing like learning to “pinch” a false eyelash together with your own for a natural look that stays put or stop the lip liner before you reach the outer corners of your lip to avoid “mean mouth” when you wear a darker shade. Feeling is what I’m after. Feeling is everything in beauty. Feel good and look good.

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