In the Hot Seat With James Vincent, Ardency Inn Director of Artistry


It should come as ZERO surprise that Ardency Inn is one of my most favorite makeup brands. It is music-inspired, and my day job is that of a hard rock music publicist and writer, so you do the arithmetic.

The brand’s black eyeliners pretty much slay, and I proudly pledge my allegiance to black liner on a daily basis. The beauty of the brand is that it certainly appealing for chicks who rock, but it’s not limited to rocker chicks!

James Vincent, the edgy brand’s Director of Artistry, had no choice but to get In the Hot Seat with me, because I had planned to hunt him down until he relented! Thankfully, the brand’s ace publicist easily offered me some chat time, making my day that much better.

BN: What is your role at Ardency Inn + how did you join the company?
JV: I head up Artistry for Ardency Inn, a N.Y.-based makeup brand inspired by music artists. My role is to capture the free spirit of New York and the creativity of the downtown music scene in the makeup looks I create for the brands.

I joined the company right when it started, a few years ago. I had worked with Gilles (Ardency Inn co-founder Gilles Kortzagadarian) on a number of projects when he was overseeing Make Up For Ever. We found that we both shared a passion for music and love of makeup artistry so he asked me to join this exciting new venture.

BN: What is one Ardency Inn product EVERY women needs in her makeup bag + why?
JV: I would say right now I am obsessed with Modster Pigments. These eye shadows are saturated with pure pigments and allow wearers of every skin tone to achieve maximum color payoff. They are the first shadows to be pressed with manuka honey, which gives them unparalleled creaminess and staying power, even without a primer. They are kind of genius!

BN: What is your beauty philosophy?
I love uptown glamour with a downtown edge. I love to see women embrace their individuality. For me, it is not about covering or hiding, but rather finding unique beauty characteristics and bringing them face forward.

BN: Can you share a universal tip about makeup, technique or products for our makeup-loving readers?
JV: Makeup needs to be about balance and focus. If you have an area you want to highlight, you need to tone down another. For example, if you love a bold lip, keep the brow and eye minimal. If you want your eyes to be the star, then keep your lips more neutral.

Also, great foundation is essential to beautiful makeup. You cannot build upon the wrong foundation and expect great results. I love Ardency Inn Americana Concentrate. It’s a pigment concentrate that you mix with your daily moisturizer to turn it into your custom tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer. It allows you to get coverage only when and where you need it and it always looks like skin.

BN: What is your fave luxe or high-end product?
JV: It is not a super expensive product but I would say Embryolisse Lait Creme is always a must have in my kit.

BN: And your fave drugstore cheapie?
JV: Coconut Oil. You can use it for anything and everything. I love it for preparing the face or removing makeup and it is also great for creating lip scrubs.

BN: What are some of the spring + summer 2015 trends?
For spring 2015, I love an unexpected colorful smoky eye, the use of bright shades for lips and the look of naturally flushed skin on the cheeks.

I will not be caught dead without black eyeliner. Which of Ardency Inn’s black eye liner offerings do you recommend for me and why? Any fresh tips on how to use? I do a cat eye with a gel or ink pen on the top lash line and kohl on inner waterline! Teach me something new to freshen up my black liner routine!

I love black on the eyes and always combine textures for the highest impact. My secret is to use a pencil like Ardency Inn Modster Eye Liner inside the eye for long-lasting, waterproof wear. I use Ardency Inn Punker Eye Liner for the perfect line along the lashes and then use a hint of Ardency Inn Modster Eye Powder in Borealis Black at the inner corner to add the most seductive shine that keeps the eye looking open and holds people’s attention on even the smallest eye.

BN: For our readers who may not be aware of Ardency Inn until now, what is the thing about the brand that is most critical for them to know?
JV: I think the innovation in the product and the integrity of the brand separate it from everything I have seen. We do not put out a product unless it has a point of difference. If you look at products like Punker Lash Wax or Americana Concentrate, they have never been seen before. It is always reimagining what makeup can be. I also think the tie to women in music as brand ambassadors is an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere. Ardency Inn is about bringing makeup artistry within the reach of not only music artists but also every woman who rock, on and off stage.

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