In the Hot Seat with Kerry Malouf: New Contributing Writer to Beauty News

Photo Credit: Myra Vides

In this month’s “In the Hot Seat,” we’re introducing celebrity makeup artist and new BN contributor, Kerry Malouf. Kerry will be penning stories for us and offering an insider’s scoop on the beauty biz. The Los Angeles-based Malouf is highly sought after -and that’s why we’re glad we nabbed her as contributor- and she has worked with a host of A-listers like Ginnifer Goodwin, Audrey Tatou, Alicia Silverstone, Kiera Knightley and Emmy Rossum. Malouf’s core philosophy is that beauty comes from within and that a natural glow can be enhanced with color to create a natural, ‘no- makeup’ look. A committed vegetarian, Malouf’s a big believer in the cruelty-free ethos. She doesn’t use products tested on animals and relies on natural, organic and green products wherever and whenever possible.

Without further adieu, our intro to Miss Malouf.

Give us a little background info please!
I have been doing makeup for 20 years and am passionate about my craft. I am also passionate about skin. I believe that true beauty comes from the inside out, so what you put inside your body reflects on the outside, with makeup and clothing enhancing the outside with color and fabrics making daily life a little more fun. I look forward to sharing my favorite secrets with readers and believe that people, places and products are the very best from the inside out.

What is your favorite product that you are using right now?
Indian Earth bronzer.

Who are some are your favorite celebrities?
Kate Hudson and Kate Moss. I love their overall styles.

Any product you feel is universal for all women?

What’s your take on New York vs. Los Angeles beauty?
I love working in LA and New York. New York is more fashion-oriented and people take it more seriously. LA is mostly celebrity-based.

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