In the Hot Seat With Kimara Ahnert


New York City makeup artist Kimara Ahnert has earned a reputation as one of New York’s most prominent makeup artists. Not only is she a class act, but her custom-designed collection of products, not to mention her exclusive studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, have helped establish her as crucial to the beauty industry.

That’s why A-list stunners like Catherine Zeta Jones, Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley and Isabella Rossellini are among her impressive clientele. Beauty News had to ask Ahnert to share her predictions for Fall 2010 – she thinks pops of color will cohabit with nude minimalism! I also probed her about her new location in Greenwich, CT, so even fashionable suburbanites that may have abandoned the hustle of the city will enjoy a taste of her metropolitan glam; for her tips on how to transition from Summer to Fall makeup routines and looks; and about the products she cannot survive without from Dior and Tarte.

BN: What are your predictions/recommendations for Fall 2010 beauty in terms of color/trends?
KA: I predict it will be a play on minimalism and bright pops of color. On the runways, I saw a lot of nude lips and minimal makeup, and in contrast, I also saw bright pops of color like orange, coppers and jade green. Coppers and greens will be easy to incorporate into your makeup routine through eye shadows and eyeliners.

BN: What are some of your tips for transitioning from summer makeup to fall makeup?
KA: Start with applying a berry lip gloss or sheer copper eye shadow. This way you can slowly start to incorporate darker more fall like colors into your makeup routine. Then, later in the season, bring in deeper purple and charcoal shadows and berry or red lipsticks.

It’s not about purchasing a trend, but instead determining skin care regimens and cosmetic palettes that best suit each and every face. And it doesn’t stop with one perfect makeup application. I firmly believe that education precedes the products: The objective is to teach clients how to create the looks attained in the salon on their own. To me, that is the truest sense of the word makeover.

BN: What’s new with you? What products/projects are you working on?
KA: We are just about to open our new location in Greenwich CT. We are very excited and looking forward to integrating our skincare and makeup services into the community. The new location will reflect the era of 50’s chic and encompasses the aesthetic of the Regency period in England, which is defined as having penchant for clean lines and restrained ornament, directly inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, combined with the swagger of the French Empire style.

The architecturally-detailed beauty shop will evokes a drawing room with a blend French and Regency appointments. The monochromatic color palette of paled French grays and soft limestone provide a complimentary background for the fabric, the makeup, but most importantly the client. French caned chairs with silk and velvet cushions mix with black lacquered Regency mirrors and tables. Blue violet orchids grouped on etageres punctuate the room.

In the treatment rooms French deco mirrors and silver sconces accompany silvered Regency wall coverings which will accentuate the grayed limestone floor giving the room a sophisticated calm.

The new studio is located on 88 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut.

BN: What is the one product in your make up bag you cannot live without and why?
KA: Lip gloss. I am constantly applying either my Super Gloss in Femme or my Dior lip gloss in Negligee Pink. Love when my lips feel smooth, sexy and shiny!

BN: Favorite drug store product?
KA: Essie nail polish in Pretty Pink; it’s the only nail polish I wear.

BN: Favorite high end/department store product?
KA: Saks and DiorShow mascara in Azure blue.

BN: What product are you most proud of that you’ve created?
KA: We just came out with a new product called Quick Fix; it’s a nude eye and lip primer that can also be used as a concealer under the eyes or on a blemish.

BN: What product do you wish you created?
KA: I wish I had created Tarte’s 4 Day Lash Stain because that product truly works well. I tint my blonde eyelashes but the lash stain has the same effect and is very cost effective.

BN: What will you be doing this August that’s not work related?
KA: I am planning a family trip for myself, husband, son, mom, and dad to Costa Rica for a week.

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