In the Hot Seat With Laura Mercier


Laura Mercier is an icon. Her chic line appeals to classy, graceful women the world over. Mercier is a class act herself, having risen to the forefront of the industry poised and armed with fresh ideas and products of the highest quality.

We at Beauty News were honored to speak with the legendary Mercier, who offered a few insider tips, her universal makeup philosophy, summer and fall trend predictions and where she gets her inspiration, all the while never giving away too many of her secrets.

BN: You’re pretty much an icon in the beauty industry – looking back, what’s your proudest achievement?
LM: To have been able to realize the dream of manufacturing the products the way I like them and the way I believe in them.

BN: What’s your favorite beauty product you’ve created?
LM: Definitely the Secret Camouflage.

BN: What’s your favorite beauty product that you did not create?
LM: I have new ideas everyday and have realized the most important ones and have created them.

BN: Can you offer any insider tips that you feel every woman needs to know?
LM: If you don’t have time for a full face of makeup before leaving the house, use a bit of eyeliner inside the lid of the top lash line to create enough contrast to wake up your eye.

BN: What is one quintessential Laura Mercier product a woman needs in her handbag?LM: That depends on the priority needed for every individual. If a woman can’t leave the house without lipstick, she should carry lipstick with her. If a woman’s skin is oily, she should carry pressed powder with her for touch ups throughout the day. Women should carry whatever they need to feel comfortable all day long.

BN: Any prediction on summer trends?
LM: Bronzer continues to be a trend for summer: a golden, healthy look is in.

BN: How about fall?
LM: For fall, we will see rich colors such as teal. Amber has been seen on the eyes and lips are strong, regal, polished and sophisticated.

BN: How long in advance do you start planning/getting inspired by for future lines? What inspires you? What do you look to? How long in advance do you work?
LM: There is no specific amount of time I spend planning for future lines. It is different every time. Street fashions, books, museums, movies and anything visually creative all inspire me and my collections

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