In the Hot Seat With L’Oreal’s Tom Bachik


For this month’s In the Hot Seat, we corralled L’Oréal Paris Consulting Nail Expert Tom Bachik for the lowdown on fall nail trends and more! Nails are bigger than ever, with the cracked trend still big, wrapped manis gaining steam and velour, textured digits shaking things up! Ask the experts, right? He dished on his favorite universal nail colors, his favorite nail product, the whole texture trends, his thoughts on matching mani/pedis and what’s in store for Spring 2013.

BN: What is your favorite universal nail color and why?
TB: I think my favorite colors change from time to time, but right now I’m loving full coverage nudes and neutral metallics – sort of late ’60s/early ’70s feel. I love these tones because they can help make shorter nails and fingers appear longer. The right nude looks both chic and sophisticated, while being simple but deliberate.

BN: Favorite nail product of all time and why?
TB: This is a tough one, but I’m going to go with cuticle oil. I think a great cuticle oil has the most benefits in one product. It can help to rehydrate skin and nails to look healthy, while keeping cuticles soft and nails and polish flexible to prevent chipping and pealing.

BN: One nail tip/trick every woman should try at least once?
TB: For photo shoots, I like to use an old eye or lip liner to clean excess polish from around the cuticles between coats. This will allow the polish to dry in-between for a faster dry time and give you a perfect photo shoot look

BN: Matching mani + pedi – is it a “yay” or “nay?”
TB: Nowadays, I think it comes down to personal style preference and what makes you feel sexy. I like to mix it up if I can, but sometimes matching is perfect for the overall look so I’m going to have to say “yay!”

BN: Texture is in in Fall 2012. We’ve seen velour manis, rubber manis, caviar manis. What is your favorite of the trend? How can the “regular” gal create these looks at home?
TB: Yes, texture is big and makes my favorite trend even cooler. Nail art makes a comeback and L’Oréal Paris’ Nail Lingerie give a fun and easy way to create looks at home without the time or cost usually associated. They are perfect for creating nail art on every nail or for use on one or two nails for the perfect accent or featured nail.

BN: One nail trend you dislike?
TB: I have to say the trend I just couldn’t get attracted to is the duckbill nail. No matter how it’s done, it is in no way flattering to the hand. Instead of elongating the fingers and nails, it does just the opposite and makes fingers look wide and stubby. They may be great for faster swimming but not so much for elegance.

BN: Favorite L’Oréal Paris nail products and shades?
TB: I love L’Oréal Paris’ Color Riche Nail collection of polishes – especially the antique gold shade Because Your Worth It and the bright fuchsia shade Violet Vixen.

BN: What are some of your predictions for spring trends?
TB: Spring brings a newness and fresh approach. We are more active and nails will get shorter to accommodate. Expect nails to stay soft and rounded in shape, and colors will be a balanced mix of softs and brights living in harmony with neutral tones and metallics.

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