In the Hot Seat With Makeup Artist Jake Bailey

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Bailey has dusted the lids and glossed the lips of A-list clients like Katy Perry and Kyra Sedgwick. Since Katy and Kyra are totally opposite in their styles and their features, the fact that that both work with Bailey is a testament to his abilities. Bailey sat in this month’s Hot Seat, revealing his high-end and mass market “must owns,” his essential kit product (which was suggested by Perry), what looks he is planning for Fall, and what he learns from the women of New York City.

BN: What is the one “must have” product in your kit?
JB: Guerlain Les Violettes pressed translucent powder. Katy Perry turned me on to this and I haven’t looked back. Continuous powdering on long days under hot lights can turn makeup into a cakey mess. This one doesn’t build up and melds into the makeup, making touch-ups much easier.

BN: What is your favorite luxury product?
JB: La Mer face cream. It’s incredibly rich and foundation adheres to it really well. It also comes in handy for treating the occasional burn from a curling iron as it was originally developed to treat burns.

BN: What is your favorite bargain/drugstore/mass market product?
JB: Cover Girl is my favorite drugstore makeup. The NatureLuxe Silk Foundation is a professional quality, full coverage foundation that can cover a multitude of flaws yet always appears natural and can be used sparingly for a super light, clean look. It smells like cucumber, which my clients love. So much better than those heavy perfumes in most foundations. Also the Cover Girl LiquilineBlast eyeliners; they are honestly my favorite liners, especially the black since it’s so soft and gentle on the eye. There’s tons of pigment and blendability. It’s deal for creating a smoky eye….and it’s affordable.

BN: What is your #1 most important tip for women regarding summer makeup?
JB: Go light on the eye makeup this summer. Heat and humidity really affects the durability of eye makeup. I see lots of women walking around looking like they just had a good cry and are completely unaware of it. Mascara is still a necessity so opt for waterproof formulas or get a lash tint for summer. Focus on pink and coral cream blushes and bright lip colors. Bronzers are great for summer but look for cream and gel formulas as they have a more natural texture. Powder bronzers and blushes often begin to appear blotchy in high heat. I love the Chanel Bronze Universel De Chanel Sun Illuminator and the Kanebo Sensai Collection Bronzing Gel.

BN: What are some of your ideas for Fall makeup looks?
JB: I think I’ll be doing a lot of matte polished skin, tawny cheeks and coral lips. I also love a light smoky eye using a metallic charcoal pencil as opposed to the usual black for a softer look.

BN: Where do you glean most of your inspiration from, for looks you create?
JB: I constantly devour magazines and photography books and art books. I’ve scanned all my references onto my computer to create a mobile reference folder to show to clients if we are in need of inspiration. Also living in New York City, most of the time, I’m always watching women on the street. The women here are so chic and fashion forward. They are a constant source of inspiration.

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