In the Hot Seat With mark. Celebrity Makeup Artist Mai Quynh


mark. celebrity makeup artist, Mai Quynh let Beauty News NYC in on the most intimate of women’s items: her own personal make up bag. Quynh, who is a stunner herself with to-die-for-lips and natural Asian beauty, also hipped us to her personal mark. favorites, what the line has coming out this year, how she protects her lips and her one key tip for maintaining summer beauty.

BN: What’s in your makeup bag and why do you carry those items on your person?
MQ: An eyelash curler because it opens up my eyes and makes me look awake — mark. has one coming out later this summer; sunscreen with SPF 55 because growing up in LA, I was always out in the sun and had great color, but now I’m starting to see the damaging effects of the sun. If I have to be in the sun, I’m going to be protected; I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for my lips as it hydrates without ever drying them out; and then I always have concealer for my under eye area, around my nose and for any fun blemishes.

BN: What is your one favorite mark. product that you use daily?
MQ: I can’t live without my mark. lipclicks! I love how creamy and smooth they are and the variety of colors the come in. My favorite shade is Coral Fixation. (Editor’s Note: Beauty News hearts lipclicks, too, as well as all of mark’s offerings for the upcoming season, which you can read about in Best Bets.)

BN: What is one product that’s not mark that is your holy grail?
MQ: I love all of my H. Gillerman oils. The rollerball packaging is so convenient to use and they make me feel grounded and relaxed. I use them every day!

BN: Can you share one tip or trick for summer beauty?
MQ: For skin that gets too oily in the summer, try an oil-free moisturizer and matte foundation to ensure your skin doesn’t get shiny throughout the day. Also use blotting papers first, before applying powder, that way, makeup won’t look too cakey.

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