In the Hot Seat With Napoleon Perdis


Napoleon Perdis is one of our favorite makeup artists…ever. He’s our Napoleon Dynamite!

We love both his high-end eponymous line -the Lip Lacquers are to.die.for tubes of gloss glory. Also, we adore his NP Set line, which is available at Target. When given the chance to chat with this Greek-Australian legend, we didn’t jump at the chance. We lunged at it like a shoppers at a fantastical Chanel sample sale.

Perdis shared why primer, primer, primer is his “absolute favorite” product, the “on the go glamour” philosophy of his Target diffusion line and his personal “Mascara First” tip.
We tried his “Mascara First” suggestion and guess what? It works! We’re not shocked. This is a man who knows his way around a face and a tube of mascara, and then some.

And remember, it’s all about primer. Perdis explains why they are a critical product, which might help makeup novices understand how to use them and how to navigate the murky, crowded shelves of primers out there.

He also suggested a holiday look and hipped us to trends.

Read on to find out his suggestions and more.

BN: What is your favorite product you’ve created for your main line + your NP Set line for Target and why?
NP: Primer is probably my absolute favorite product which is why I’ve built up a collection of skin-perfecting primers across both my signature line and NP Set. Every makeup application has to begin with a skin-smoothing base and you just can’t expect your foundation to last the distance without one. My Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot is loaded with skin soothers like Vitamin E, Chamomile and Yarrow Extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin. My NP Set range features a range of primers which target specific skin concerns; Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer (Target) for dull skin in need of radiance, Calming Pre-Foundation Primer (Target) to soothe redness or any irritation, Bronzing Pre-Foundation Primer (Target) for a hint of tint, and Pore Perfecting Pre-Foundation Primer (Target) to perfect skin and minimize the appearance of pores. All contain serious skincare ingredients and deliver an instant improvement.

BN: One product you use by another line/artist that you wished you created?
NP: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair because I feel that this is great for when I use it on personalities to boost their skin overnight.

BN: Your NP Set line for Target is extremely luxe. How do you approach creating products for each of your lines? How do you decide what works for each line?
NP: NP Set has always been about on-the-go glamour that’s on trend and definitely on budget. As a working makeup artist, I’m involved in developing every product – my team might even say I’m too involved!!! I’m committed to seeking out the latest skin-nurturing ingredients (that are 98% paraben-free) and creating products that are designed to be purposeful – and in some cases multi-purposeful – and I think that commitment is one of the reasons why the brand stands out on Target shelves and why we’ve had such great success with this retailer.

The woman shopping for Napoleon Perdis products is looking for a long-term commitment, so those products have to deliver both long and short-term benefits with top notch ingredients and formulas. NP Set is the perfect brand for test-driving a fashion-forward new shade or unique formula. NP Set helps you to get the look but keep the change!

BN: What’s one NP Set product that EVERY woman should try or have in her makeup bag?
NP: Every woman needs an excellent primer. Prepping your skin is the best way to get your foundation application and finish as close to perfect as possible – skin always looks instantly better after primer – and it will really up the staying power of your makeup.

BN: Can you share one signature Napoleon Perdis tip or trick that works for ALL women?
NP: I apply mascara at three stages of a makeover: after foundation, after eye shadow, and once more at the very end of the makeover and one of my favorite tips is “Mascara First.” After you’ve prepped your skin, apply a coat of mascara to open your eyes, create that important definition, and to map the rest of your makeup look.

BN: Any suggestions for holiday makeup looks?
NP: The great thing about current makeup trends is that you always have options and there is something to suit everyone’s taste, and every occasion. Happiness is a theme I’ve recently referenced through makeup and it will certainly carry through the holiday party season. We’ll be seeing many fusions of color on the eye in jewel tones to reflect this. My new NP SET Day-to-Night Liners (Target) bring an instant hint of glamour to any look and were specifically designed as a limited-edition release for the holiday season. Layer the glitter side over the liquid liner for a holiday statement that sparkles.

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