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“Expert makeup made simple” is the mantra of the newly launched Piret & Tamara line, which is the brain trust of celebrity makeup artists Piret Aava and Tamara Palumbo. The pair created a line to meet their own needs and focused on simple, classic, clean and timeless beauty. The duo sought to create products using superior ingredients and pairing them with innovative technologies. The ultimate goal? To make makeup artist expertise easily accessible to all women at any time. Amen to that. It’s as though P&T crawled into our brains and responded to our thoughts about makeup application!

Aava, who has worked with star such as Katherine McPhee and Mandy Moore, is known as a brow sculpting genius, while Palumbo, who has worked with Mena Survari, Kate Walsh and Hayden Panettiere, operates off the theory that “You should always see the woman first, never the makeup.”

Piret & Tamara submitted to our “In the Hot Seat” interrogation this month, answering our questions in tandem and sprinkling a few tips along the way. Here’s what they had to say about their nascent line. Remember: You read about Piret & Tamara makeup here first.

BN: Your line is simple and classic. Are you planning to keep it to just a few products or do you want to expand eventually?
P&T: We will be expanding our line little by little. We want to ensure our products are unique, simple and highly effective. A lot of our time is spent figuring out what is missing in the marketplace and how we can create a product to meet that need that is useful and of the highest quality.

BN: What is your favorite product that you’ve created and why?
P&T: Lip Slip. The ultra-sheer hues are hydrating and not sticky like most glosses. Also, you can fit the compact packaging in any evening bag or just throw it in your pocket – the added portability is a plus!

BN: What is the philosophy of your line?
P&T: Effortless Beauty. This is makeup for everyone. It is quick to apply, lasts all day and is totally goof-proof.

BN: What are the key tenets of a classic makeup look? Any tips you’d like to share for our readers on how to achieve maximum impact through a minimum of products?
P&T: A classic makeup look is all about looking healthy, clean and fresh. Enhancing your natural beauty is simple if you focus on minimizing imperfections and maximizing your natural glow.

Tip: Use concealer under eyes and to spot cover any trouble areas around the face. Dust a little translucent powder all over skin and finish with a warm apricot toned blush and a few coats of black mascara on top lashes only. Lips should be about one shade darker than your natural lip color, keeping in the same pinky tone.

BN: What is the go-to product that you wish you had created that is from another brand or line?
Covergirl Lash Exact mascara. It gives you beautiful, full, separated lashes and never flakes or smudges.

BN: Talk a little about the collection you’ve formulated – how you picked the colors/names, etc.
Our eye shadows, called Eye Silks, are silicone based. They go on creamy and smooth out eyelids plus, they are totally waterproof and crease-proof. The application is effortless and the finish is flawless! Every color is universal and flattering on any skin tone.

Tamara: The names are reminiscent of what the color looks like. For example, where I live, we get the most beautiful sunsets in the summer months. The sky is golden with stunning bright pink and apricot hues that spread as far as the eye can see. It is magical! It seemed only fitting that ‘Sunset’ should be the name of our beautiful golden apricot Eye Silk.

Piret: One of my favorite flowers is the Peony. I love the large, soft pink petals. It reminds me of the ideal color of what pretty, natural pink lips should look like. Peony Lip Slip is nature at its best.

BN: Where and when can we purchase your products?
P&T: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

BN: What is one Piret & Tamara product that you feel women need in their makeup bag?
P&T: Eye Silk in Naked. You can use it anywhere on your face – it works as concealer, eye shadow, lip primer and can even cover tattoos or spider veins on legs! It is non-comedogenic and totally oil-free so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted breakouts.

BN: Any holiday make up tips?
P&T: Play with color! We have made wearing a red lip easy with our new Lip Slip in Bitten. It’s sexy, sheer and delivers an unexpected pop of clear red color. So hot!

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