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When I got my hands, er, lips on Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip, a lip balm which is essentially a rich, creamy and dreamy pot of petal pink lip luxury that moisturizes like a balm and adds shine like a gloss, all the while offering a faint hint of a rose scent, I was hooked. Capital h-o-o-k-e-d, hooked. It is my “go to” summer lip product and that’s why I needed to pick Happ’s brain about her eponymous line, which focuses on deliciously scented, lickable lip scrubs that keep your pout as sumptuous and kiss-ready as possible. The scrubs aren’t abrasive, making lip exfoliation a habit in which you will actually look forward to engaging.

Happ is all about lip service and spoke to BeautyNewsNYC, giving us an exclusive tip about her new Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub. She also spoke about running her own line, which she began in her kitchen; how she infiltrated the marketplace by filling a need; her nightstand-worthy, keepsake box packaging; her advice to fellow entrepreneurs; what’s in her makeup bag; and how she eventually created The Lip Slip.

BN: What is your favorite of the products you’ve created?
SH: Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub is my favorite product to date. I scrub my lips every single morning, and this fresh, citrus floral just puts a smile on my face.

BN: What inspired you to create such luxe lip products?
SH: Necessity! Lip exfoliation was not a part of the market in 2005, and I was desperate for my lips to be as smooth as body scrubs made my skin. So I went to my kitchen, started from scratch, and The Lip Scrub was born in six flavors. The Lip Slip came next. The goal there was to create the absolute richest, glossiest, most luxurious balm I could conceive of; one that was unlike anything available on shelves. And by version 200 or so, we nailed it.

BN: We love, love, love the packaging – it definitely feels like a nightstand-worthy, keepsake box. Why did you choose to this particular packaging and how important do you believe packaging to be and why?
SH: Thank you! I knew The Lip Scrub was a phenomenal product, but, being just a girl who made it in her kitchen, I also knew that no matter how amazing the formula was, if it didn’t stand out on shelves, people would not pay attention. I wanted each Sara Happ product to feel like a sweet little gift just waiting to be opened, and I wanted my boxes to be a different size and shape than a standard product.

BN: What is your favorite bargain product?
SH: I love a bar of classic, white Dove soap. It’s a staple of mine.

BN: What is one product that is always in your make up bag, no matter what?
SH: The Lip Slip is my go-to; I don’t leave home without it. During the day, it’s my lip gloss, cuticle hydrator and smoothes hair flyaways, and I put it on right before sleep. It hydrates and heals like no other.

BN: Can you take a peak into your makeup bag now – what are the top three makeup items in there?
SH: Josie Maran’s My Favorite Argan Powders palette is genius. It includes blushes, a bronzer and eye shadows that multitask as highlighters…in the sleekest rose-gold compact; L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black/Brown. The scent is so chic, and the results beat all other mascaras, hands down; Tatcha blotting papers. They are the real deal: so effective, so elegant.

BN: Can you dispense a little advice for fellow business-minded women? How did you get your brand off the ground?
SH: I would encourage entrepreneurs to seek out mentors. The best thing I ever did was create an advisory board for my company; people who have strengths and experience I do not, who are willing to offer their expertise and time. Priceless.

BN: What is your signature scent, if you have one?
SH: Carriere. It’s a light, clean musk I bought at Bergdorf Goodman when I was in college. I’ve loved it ever since. For summer I spritz Marc Jacobs Essence, which comes in the yummiest yellow lacquer bottle that I keep on my vanity.

BN: We absolutely agree that The Lip Slip is one luxe balm, which it even states on the pot! Are you a gloss or a lipstick gal and why?
SH: I’m a lip gloss / lip balm girl, 100%. I love a baby pink lip; neutral, goes with any look, and is super easy to create.

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