In the Hot Seat With Sindulge Founder’s Dinesh Mirchandani + Javin Karnani


Dinesh Mirchandani and Javin Karnani have founded Sindgule, a new beauty site that officially launched June 25th. We love it for a variety of reasons, from what inspired the pair to do this site to their perspective on beauty for women and grooming for men to their passionate desire to fill a white space online. Oh, and the fact that they’re animal-friendly and cruelty-free certainly furthered our already stimulated interest.

Mirchandani was inspired to create Sindulge as he believed there are other men like him who enjoy looking stylish and keeping up with the latest trends, but are a little shy about sharing those views with the world. Karnani felt that there was a glaring gap in online beauty retailing and decided that the best way to tackle this was to add the one missing ingredient: live video consultations for customers. This would give customers the opportunity to learn about beauty and grooming products in the comfort of their own surroundings. Eureka!

In honor of their philosophies men, women and four-legged friends, as well as their launch, Beauty News put the pair In the Hot Seat. Be sure and spend a little time at Sindulge today, too!

BN: What is your personal favorite beauty product?
JK: Zirh Shave Cream.
DM: The Somme Mobile Travel Kit. I was convinced that something like this wasn’t for me, until I tried it and saw the difference in my skin.

BN: Favorite high end product?
JK: Clarins Men’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum.
DM: Urth Scrub.

BN: Favorite drugstore or bargain find?
JK: Every Man Jack Pre-Shave Face Scrub. This is a great product to get your skin softened and your pores to open up before shaving.
DM: Crew Hair Gel.

BN: Can you Twitter-size Sindulge for us? 140 words or characters, your choice, of what we NEED to know!
JK: gives men and women the ability to discover beauty and grooming products to enhance their lifestyle while being conscientious.

BN: Cruelty-free is very important to us, and we’re glad that you support such a concept! Can you talk a little about your initiatives there?
JK + DM: As individuals, both Dinesh and I are very passionate about animals. We are both pet owners and treat our pets as extensions of our individual families. We believe that great products do not need to be tested on animals in order to be better products. Being cruelty-free means that the brands we support generally use natural and safer ingredients as they have to be used only by people. The goal of is to spread this message by showing the quality products and brands that are available without the need for animal testing, and in turn, spearhead change in how cosmetics products are manufactured to eliminate animal testing completely.

BN: The makeup landscape is daunting and intimidating for women — so many products, ingredients and more. How does Sindulge help take the guesswork out for women?
JK + DM: We noticed early on the proliferation of content on various online media channels like YouTube, blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest, among others. A consumer would have to spend hours of research that may or may not apply to them, from sources that may not be adequately trained, and definitely not tailored to the individual. All these sources provided educational material to answer a very basic question: which product is right for me? simplifies this process by providing a service that no website can provide—your personal, live consultant. takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides an honest recommendation from a trained makeup or skincare consultant to help you find the best product for you. The Sindulge Way, as we like to call it, allows your consultant to learn more about you as an individual: your lifestyle, your beauty objectives, and your current regimen, which in turn helps them to make better recommendations that you can use to enhance your lifestyle. The goal is not to just sell a product that has a short span, but really understanding the looks and regimen that will keep you looking your best.

BN: You have makeup consultations — can you tell us what your template or strategy is there and how you are able to do that digitally? It’s interesting, since most women feel they need to TALK to someone in front of their face in the flesh to get an accurate assessment.
JK + DM: One of the things we find the most intimidating, especially as guys, is going shopping for men’s products. We don’t generally want to ask the questions that will help us find the right products as we would get pushy sales people, or worse, incorrect information. We did realize that we were starved for information, and in an environment that is comfortable and inviting for us. provides just this sort of environment by leveraging today’s technologies to re-create the experience of a face-to-face interaction between a consumer and a consultant through an experience similar to a Skype video call. We do understand that women, and men, want to be able to speak to a knowledgeable consultant to help them find what they need. Live consultations will be available on July 16th — we’ll provide our customers with unfettered access to trained consultants who will provide unbiased recommendations with each customer’s best interest in mind.

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