In the Hot Seat With Stacey Schieffelin, ybf

Stacey Schieffelin is the beauty guru behind the brand ybf, which views products as “your best friend.” Like any good girlfriend, a cosmetic product should enhance your life and be there for you by any means necessary and in any situation that comes your way. After playing with a variety of ybf’s products, Beauty News is inclined to agree that ybf treats will certainly serve as your makeup bag’s BFF!

Schieffelin is also a beauty maven of the highest order, shelling out tips and advice while sharing her favorite products from other luxe brands as well as her favorite bargain finds. She talks about the crucialness of well-groomed brows, a brush with Grace Kelly and offers a few Valentine’s Day “date look” suggestions, to boot.

BN: Specifically, how are your products “your best friend” for women with variety of skin tones, conditions and preferences? How were you able to narrow it down and achieve a “fit?”
SS: ybf beauty products are innovative, multi-functional, easy to apply and deliver maximum results every time. We don’t have many options when it comes to narrowing down products. They have to be inclusive and never exclusive! We develop and launch products for all women no matter their skin tone or condition as we are in so many households when we present on television in USA, UK and Canada.

Our ybf Color Care™ Beauty System is focused on cosmetics that care for your skin. ybf products are infused with Smart Active Complex™, a paraben-free formula enriched with natural extracts from the earth, which treats your skin under the most damaging stress aggressors like, UV damage, air pollution, smoking, environmental toxins and aging. This exclusive glucan complex assists in acting as a personal skin monitor, helping protect your most precious natural resource – your beautiful skin – from environmental damage. Another amazing feature is that all ybf shades are carefully selected to enhance and adjust to any skin tone for a personalized look. ybf colors and textures are buildable to adjust the intensity leaving you with a true customized and flawless look.

BN: What is the one product you wish you had created, from another brand?
SS: Love… Love… Love… the Lancôme Color Fever Plumper Lip Shine! It’s perfect for lush lips so you can get that coveted “magazine model mouth.” Lancôme’s powerful lip plumper temporarily enhances the appearance of lip size and volume for a sexy, luscious and voluptuous smile. And for color, you’ll absolutely adore the glamorous and shimmering Suggestive shade! Because I adore products that offer women form as well as function, I love the doe foot applicator with the hole in the center that allows just the right amount of product for an even coat of color every time.

BN: What is the one product you are most proud of creating?
SS: I hold the creation, development and integrity of the original ybf automatic universal taupe eyebrow pencil very close to my heart. I was blessed, years ago, to be able to do a photo shoot on the French Rivera with the graceful Grace Kelly. Our makeup artist gave me matching brows to her royalty! A few minutes later after plucking and waxing, my brows never looked the same. The fullness was gone and they failed to grow back. But to this day those pictures remain my favorite modeling pictures of all my 16 years.

Years later out of necessity, I developed a pencil that allows my brows to wow and then realized that women are also in need of well groomed brows and often overlook this pencil perfect easy effect. Your eyebrows frame your beautiful face and bring alive your facial expressions and emotions! Amazing brows have the ability to add so much power to your pretty eyes and it’s a very simple step. This special pencil is the ONLY one of its kind that changes color based upon the amount of pressure you apply! I am more than proud to say that the ybf automatic universal taupe eyebrow pencil is a stellar seller; over 10 million pencils have been sold and are constantly demanded by loyal girlfriends everywhere.

BN: What is your favorite bargain beauty product?
SS: I love luxe looks for less and Cover Girl’s Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk is a sans sticker shock favorite! It brings just the right amount of even, blendable color to the apples of your chic cheeks and is radiant over any foundation or powder. It’s a perfect classic shade that illuminates all skin tones and it’s great for beauty on-the-go in its beautiful, easy-to-carry mirrored compact!

BN: What is your favorite luxury beauty product?
SS: Because I am usually running around between being mom and makeup maven – product development, photo shoots and filming- I need products that work and last. One of my favorites is Estee Lauder’s Stay-In-Place, Double Wear Eye Shadow Crème. It’s a lightweight cream eye shadow, which feels fresh when I apply it. The soft colors dress my eyes with long-lasting, luminous sheen and waterproof color that lasts and lasts even when I’m running around during a busy day or just having my tropical heat waves. You know what I mean girlfriends! Thank you Estee Lauder!!!

BN: What is the one key tip for Valentine’s Day/date makeup? What’s the key look for this year’s Valentine’s Day?
SS: Whether it’s a first date or you’re meeting up with the long-time love of your life, I think a fresh face is always best when you meet the one that’s meant for YOU! Glowing, romantic, ethereal beauty gives skin a modern twist.

A “hint of tint” cream bronzer will add warmth to your complexion and give you an instant imitation vacation. Brush on your bronzer where the sun would naturally splash your fabulous face; pay special attention to brush on product in a crescent-like shape above the eyes and under the cheekbones, tip of nose, hair line near forehead and chin. Don’t forget to top the eyes off with a generous swipe of rich, black lengthening mascara so you’re on the fringe of great lashes and perfect your pout with a supper shiny gloss, for glow and glamour and your lip, lip hooray!

Remember lips really have a lot to say about how sexy, fresh and sensational you look. The love of your life wants to see the REAL you. You’ll always be glowing and looking your most polished, best version of your true self when you’re with the person you love and you should feel that way too! The look for this Valentine’s Day should be soft and romantic: add some rosy color to your cheeks and lips and if you feel like spicing it up on your date, be the one that draws the line – on the rim of your lower lashes that is – with a soft, creamy eye liner pencil to add some definition and make those bedroom eyes pop. Add heels, va-va-voom hair and Voila! Instant dazzling results!

BN: What is your absolute favorite product you’ve created and why?
SS: One of my interests is using new technology and techniques to create personalized and customized beauty products, with unique finishes and textures for our creations. It’s empowering to offer women products that give them a change of face. I want women to use products that offer them hope and inspire them to feel and look their absolute best every day! ybf neutralizing cream is one of those magical products. It is a type of neutralizing concealer which acts as an undercover agent, camouflaging what you don’t want the world to see as it helps freshen up and even-out your look! We all have something we want to control: tired eyes, broken capillaries, scars, blemishes, blue veins, wrinkles, crinkles and fine lines, the little imperfections that make us wish they weren’t so noticeable. Now we can all have a little complexion perfection!

BN: Any spring trend predictions you would like to share?
SS: Let the sun shine this spring because this will be a time of awakening, renewal and revival. Get ready to hasten a season change! It’s about a new chapter in your life that blossoms when you least expect it. I want my makeup to reflect this energy. I predict we will see minimalism in rich highlighting crèmes, lovely sheer shadows, and glistening glamorous lip colors for sweet pretty in pink spring time.

BN: What is the one product every woman needs in her makeup bag?
SS: Move over HD. When it comes to special effects in makeup it’s PRIME time that all women know the importance of prepping their skin before they apply makeup. I would say primer is a must-have trick for your makeup case. All you need is a dab of this miracle worker to fill in fine lines and softens pores which aids in creating a flawless, long lasting application as it prepares your skin for the brilliant color to come. Prepping our skin with primer creates a barrier between skin and makeup, offering extended wear and color-true payoff for all your beauty products.

BN: Any personalized tips for ybf products?
SS: For the new year, it’s not so much about “new year, new you” it’s more about “NEW YEAR, BETTER YOU”! Beauty buys should not be a sign of vanity but a sign of self-respect and making you your most awesome self! When picking a powder that makes perfect try ybf neutralizing powder. It’s sure to become your bff! Translucent, yellow pressed powder is your secret weapon…it’s a powerhouse powder. The tip, trick and secret before your pretty face meets the world – is to meet yourself first – yes, really meet and greet yourself every morning. Look into the mirror and say “Hello Gorgeous – my skin is radiant and I love my fabulous face!” In the instant it takes you to sweep on your powder, you can inspire and enjoy your beautiful self. I promise there is no better face lift in the world than speaking positively about your own unique beauty! I just wish I could be there to see that lovely, little girl inside you smile. That’s exactly what you’re going to get each time you say this to yourself…it’s all good. Now that’s true beauty, girlfriends!!

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