In the Hot Seat With Tia Dantzler

Makeup after Tia Dantzler has worked with everyone from Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson to President Barack Obama. So Beauty News jumped at the opportunity to chat with her, to pick her brain for suggestions for darker-skinned gals and women of color. Don’t think we let her get away without asking about how it is to work with the leader of the free world, either!

Dantzler offered some tips on choosing foundations, her favorite luxury and mass market products and her suggestion on how to get the lushest lashes. Hint: You probably have one of her recommended products in your medicine cabinet or on your vanity already.

Dantzler also shared her tips on what’s going to be big this spring. Hint: Buh-bye, blush, hello bronzer!

BN: You work with lots of celebrities of color, such as Jennifer Hudson + Ashanti. Can you offer a few key tips for women of color that read our publication? Is there anything that is universal for darker-skinned women in general? We understand that there are so many gradations of color, but are there any universal tips or products you use?
TD: I know sometimes picking out the perfect shade of foundation and concealer can be a bit intimidating and time consuming. So here’s some suggestions for your readers: If you prefer choosing your shade of foundation at your local drugstore, try to pick the two closest shades to your skintone. When you get home try out one of the chosen foundation shades to pick between the two. The foundation shade that does not work, return it back to the store with receipt in hand. Oftentimes you can’t try out the shades in the stores so solution should be perfect for you.

BN: What was it like to work with the President?
TD: Working with President Obama was such an honor. I can actually say that I was more nervous the first time I worked with him. As soon as he entered the room, he so pleasant and witty that I was able to contain myself and enjoy the experience.

BN: What is your favorite luxury product?
My kit is stocked with Dior 5-Colour Eye Shadow Palettes. I love the fact that I can start off sheer then build the color up to the consistency that I’m looking for. I would definitely recommend starting off by applying an eye shadow primer for maximum coverage.

BN: What is your favorite drugstore or mass market product?
TD: The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara is the perfect mass market product for under $10. One great way to plump up lashes is by spraying some H2O on a spoolie brush then add a little Johnson’s Baby Powder to the brush then prime your eyelashes with the Baby Powder before adding two coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator. The results are incredible, long-wearing and has great lengthening power with a easy to use brush.

BN: What do you predict will be the biggest beauty trend for 2012?
TD: This season it’s all about fresh, beautiful, breathable skin. Makeup lovers will be skipping blush this season and using bronzers on the cheeks for the perfect glow. One eye trend will be adding a touch of glitter on top of your eyeshadow for a fun effect. Lips are definitely BOLD, fun and bright this season.

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