Insight Into The Makeup Show in NYC


The Makeup Show in NYC. It’s a two-day shopping frenzy and a haven for makeup professionals featuring live makeup demonstrations and seminars conducted by the industry’s best-known and most-beloved makeup artists. During this two day event where artists get their product fixes with discounts on at least a hundred different brands between 30-40% off, it can become a bit of an overwhelming madhouse. With the $55 cost of admission is compared against the discount, it all comes out in the wash. Sort of! Overspending is possible and probable, as it’s ALL there for the taking. Or buying! Whether it’s a makeup lover’s paradise or demise, is entirely up to them.

This business concept is brilliant, and seems extremely profitable for everyone involved…kudos to the Powder Group! here is a lot of opportunity for networking within the makeup community, Inspirational demonstrations take place all over the showroom and educational seminars are provided by all the big league artists, so at least the organizers are offering great value in return.

A few brands I noticed that were catching a lot of attention, were OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics), with their Lip Tar glosses and new nail lacquers; Ellis Faas, with their milky gloss textures; and of course Crown Brushes. These brushes are between $2 and $10, but overall, they are closer to the lower end. Then there was the Hakuhodo, the Porsche of makeup brushes. Their price average hovers between $60 and $100 but my goodness it had me thinking twice about buying some…but then my budget would have been shot. The shapes and tiny sizes are what really gets everyone excited.

A few words of advice to makeup artists, freelancers or aspiring makeupista before setting foot into the Makeup Show every year. Figure out what you want to get out of it beforehand. Create your agenda, budget and shopping list before hand.

Set your budget ($100 to $200 is suggested) and bring cash. This should include your expenses including travel, lunch and more. These kind of habits for freelancers are crucial to allow a successful career working for ourselves.

Know what your goals are when attending this event. Do you want to utilize the show for its discount to stock up your kit? You should have discounts already with a ton of brands, and most offer a discount sometimes higher than that of the makeup show, so do you want to learn from all the seminars? Personally, think this is a great idea if you are into the artistry of it all. Also consider this — do you want to network with brands to possibly work with them? Do not just go blindly into this endeavor. Yu might be like a kid in a candy store and come out bankrupt.

So before you go, look at your kit, see what you are missing and then search for the best of what you need.

Overall, I enjoy attending yearly. It has turned into a bit of a date for me and my bestie Christina who is also a makeup artist. I like to see new things that come out, try to find little hidden gems, find awesome deals, see creative packaging, get business ideas etc.

Thanks for reading,
Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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