Isamaya Latex-Lift Rubberlash Mascara

Isamaya is a new beauty brand that immediately kidnapped my attention one night when I was doom scrolling through Instagram. I fell immediately in both love and lust with the bold S&M imagery, the body jewelry adornment of the packaging, and the products themselves, which are edgy, subversive, and gorgeous. I can also report that they are high-functioning and better than advertised on the ‘Gram. The Isamaya Latex-Lift Rubberlash Mascara is blacker than midnight, with just a hint of glossy sheen. The technology lifts and stretches lashes to their limits with polymers and waxes that cling to lashes and sculpt them. The end result is that individual, Barbie-meets-Twiggy, doe-eyed look. Add three coats and proceed to bat your lashes freely and forever. The tube has a rubberized coating that just feels sexy and luxe in your hands. But the formula was perfect for both my bottom and top lashes. I can see myself blowing through a tube and re-ordering it.


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