Jay Manuel Is in the Hot Seat!


Makeup artist Jay Manuel has a keen eye and an amazing line of products, aptly named Jay Manuel Beauty, available through his website, is in the hot seat with Beauty News NYC this month. Manuel is acutely aware of the fact that we live in a digital, “insta” world and his goal with some of his new products is to let women go filter-free and to be beautifully themselves.

He also did all the heavy lifting when it came to shades and formulations!

Manuel also offered his suggestions on the biggest makeup trend there is: strobing! Here, he will supply you with his simple and effective tips on how to get your strobe on.

Sit back and see the world of beauty through Jay Manuel’s utterly fabulous and wonderfully intuitive lens.

BN: What is your main beauty philosophy?
JM: Beauty is deeply personal, purely individual, and surprisingly public. In the insta-world of “filters,” I created Filter Finish Collection makeup for women to realize their true self-image and essentially go filter-free. My entire makeup line is divided into the three categories that woman have created for themselves: Classic, Iconic, and Avant-Garde.

I’ve done all the product and shade selections for each category, allowing women to self-source their style and find the path to self-empowerment. Crowd-sourcing be gone!

BN: What is ONE Jay Manuel product that all women need in their makeup bags?
JM: Knowing the importance of a great lash that’s never crunchy and dry, I created Jay Manuel Beauty’s The Everything Mascara. It has a telescopic applicator wand that will give you length and volume as you desire in one tube. With a twist on the handle, you can go from daytime, flirty lashes to nightly pumped up volume!

BN: Is there one universal tip you can share for all women regarding makeup?
JM: For those who prefer to attract bees with honey: STROBE! Highlight all the places on your face that catch light, NOT all over your face. You don’t want to look greasy and messy. Hit the top of those cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the inner corner of your eyes, and the center of your forehead. Jay Manuel Beauty’s Skin Face Lift is the perfect product to get your glow on. It’s made with crushed gemstones (not shimmer) to refract light and illuminate your glow within, without falling into enlarged pores or fine lines.

BN: Tell us your favorite luxe product.
JM: My favorite luxe product is somewhat of a bargain and I buy a dozen tubes at a time! It’s the Origins Charcoal Mask and I will not live or travel without it in my bag!

BN: What about your favorite bargain product?
JM: My favorite bargain product has been the secret to the coiffed hair look and costs $2.99 a tub. Ampro Pro Styl Clear Ice Gel is the best!! It’s an ultra-hold protein styling gel that actually nourishes my bleached hair and doesn’t flake.

BN: What fall launches from your brand do you feel are most universal for women of all skin tones/colors?
JM: Jay Manuel Beauty’s The Ultimate Lipstick is universally flattering… being inclusive of all women. This hydrating base formula glides on with full pigment payoff in one swipe. You can apply The Ultimate Lipstick directly on dry lips without a lip conditioner; it’s all built in.

BN: Looking ahead, what trends do you see coming in late 2015 and early 2016?
JM: With most women being more comfortable with the idea that the “makeup look” is here to stay for a while, I feel the trend of playing with color will really catch on. Bold liners or colored mascara is an effortless way to adopt this trend and it’s easy to apply without the use of a makeup artist.

BN: Is there one makeup trend or look you want to see go away? Is there one you want to see come back?
JM: I’ve been saying this for years —and then a certain reality star made it the trend— but nothing can catch an eye like a strong contour game. Who can deny a good cheekbone and a defined nose? Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! The worst thing you can do is let everyone see the map you’ve drawn adding dimension to your foundation. Basically, I need this makeup trend to hang around for a bit! My pet peeve is people who match their eye shadow to their outfit!

For more information on Manual Override Cosmetics, visit http://www.ManualOverrideCosmetics.com.

To purchase Jay Manuel products, visit HSN.

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[…] In a recent interview with BeautyNewsNYC.com, Jay Manuel was placed in the "HOT SEAT" and ask several questions about his beauty & grooming routine!  Want to know our FAVORITE answer? "My favorite bargain product has been the secret to the coiffed hair look and costs $2.99 a tub. Ampro Pro Styl Clear Ice Gel is the best!! It’s an ultra-hold protein styling gel that actually nourishes my bleached hair and doesn’t flake." Thank you @MrJayManuel!!! We truly appreciate your words and the mention and will work to continue to provide the quality product you love at a value price!… Read more »


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