Jessica Liebeskind Is In the Hot Seat

One of our fave new lines here at Beauty News NYC is Jessica Liebeskind’s Vintage. Despite its “classic” name, the brand is modern, all the while harking back to a classic and classy look and feel. Liebeskind has had quite an interesting beauty career, which made her the perfect person to create a brand new line that caters to all sorts of beautyistas.

We got the scoop from Liebeskind on the brand, her inspo, and her faves.

BN: What is your favorite product that you’ve created and why?
JL: Without a doubt, the Brighten & Define Eye Shadow Palette. It’s my everyday eye essential. It cuts redness and discoloration, which makes you look tired, absorbs oil, and acts as a shadow primer. It also instantly makes the eye look brighter and more awake, gives strength and definition to the eye’s shape and works with every eye shadow invented. It’s my favorite!

BN: One product you didn’t create… but wish you did?
JL: The world’s best under-eye concealer. When it’s formulated and used correctly, it can immediately take years off your face.

BN: One universal tip that you can share with our readers that applies to all women?
JL: Every woman needs two shades of blush. One soft, pretty natural color, and another that pops! Blush is the most under the radar beauty product and yet it’s one of the most impactful and essential.

BN: What is your personal beauty philosophy?
JL: Keep it simple. Don’t be afraid of colors that pop. Beauty should always enhance and never disguise.

BN: You began your line in college—tell us about your journey from then to now!
JL: It’s been a lot of fun. Shortly after college, I met Bobbi Brown at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. I then worked in Product Development, creating her color cosmetics. There, I was taught not only how to formulate products, but also make-up artistry by Bobbi and her team, to further enhance my stills as a developer. That curiosity led me to two positions, which was creating the makeup as well as informally working with the brand’s artistry team during NYFW. I also assisted on the brands shoots and campaigns.

I was then repped by FORD Artists, a division of the modeling agency, which managed the editorial, runway, and celebrity aspect of my career. I simultaneously consulted for the Estee Lauder brand in the re-launch of their Pure Color franchise and was the Beauty Correspondent for the FOX News Channel’s iMag.

Later, I was hired by emerging brands and established ones to meet with the press and introduce new products to editors because I had the unique ability to speak to it like an artist, while also reinforcing the marketing benefits, which are important to a corporation. It’s funny at the time I didn’t really plot or stage my next move. I just did what made me happy. It’s exciting now to connect the dots and see how it’s all coming together now.

BN: Your line is called Vintage, but it still feels modern and, well, classic. What is your biggest source of inspiration for the line?
JL: That’s exactly it! I’ve always loved a cool, of the moment, stylish feel, but I’m also very drawn classic sophistication. I love the tension and juxtaposition. I think that balance is always in style and that’s so “VINTAGE” — things that stand the test of time. Things that are just as relevant today as when they were first created.

BN: What are your spring trend tips or predictions?
JL: I expect to see new neutrals. Fresh, illuminating, wearable color in beautiful sparkling shades of rose and tropical papaya. ?

BN: Anything else you’d like to say, the floor is yours!
JL: Follow your dreams. Never give up. Be happy and have lots of friends!?

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