Just Add Water
THE guide to Waterproof, Long-Wearing Summer Cosmetics


When the mercury rises, you don’t want to slather your face with heavy, clingy products. Summer is about letting skin breathe, allowing natural beauty to take center stage, yet fashionably fabulous women don’t want to sacrifice color based on the weather.

In honor of this seasonable dilemma, we selected the best waterproof, long-wearing products designed expressly for those hot, humid, and extra-long summer days when looking your best is still a priority, whether you’re catching up on chick lit and frolicking at the beach – wearing sunscreen and a big-brimmed hat, of course- or taking a dip in the pool or commuting to the office. These products are beach-tested and BN approved!


Blemishes don’t go AWOL when weather is warmer. Avene Couvrance Foundation’s sweat-resistant, cream formula is exclusive to physicians and provides full coverage for a flawless facial canvas, without that caked-on feeling. There’s five SPF 30 shades, available in both “rich” and “oil free” formulations, so you can apply with fingertips and customize for your skin’s texture and tone. It’s fragrance-free, which is a plus in the sticky summer and it evens out skin tone, which is essential since skin darkens in different places due to sun exposure. Go with the “oil free” edition.


Prefer powder? Try Paul and Joe Protective Dual Powder, which has SPF, offers light yet full coverage and is packaged in a darling beach bag-ready compact.


Need something color-free? Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Translucent Pressed Powder multi-tasks; it’s a Vitamin A, C, and E-packed powder that achieves “Summer Holy Grail Product” status, mopping up excess shine and setting make up. It’s colorless and won’t mute your tan, either.



You’ve got to define eyes, since chances are, you’ll leave the rest of your face rather product free. The ink-hued IsaDora Glossy Eyeliner in Chrome Black dries quickly and stays put for hours on end, so use a steady hand for a minimal yet defined look.


If you have time to experiment but don’t want loads of shadow on your lids, then grab Too Faced Eye Shadow Liquif-Eye. The fine-tipped wand and transforming liquid work their magic, turning any powder shadow into liquid liner in an instant. Water-resistant and smudge-proof? Yes, it’s a true make-up maximizer! You can custom create eyeliner with this nifty lil’ tube.



Mascara is your eyes’ BFF, and a brand that stays put when your sweating or swimming is beyond crucial. No one wants to look like a raccoon and Awake Roll Curl in Black combats such issues. Packaged in skinny tube that can be tucked in the teeniest beach bag, the coiled metal wand makes sure each lash is coated for lush lash factor. It’s completely waterproof, so feel free to coat lashes when you go see the Sex and the City movie, which is destined to have tearjerker moments.


Not be outdone, Clinique’s Lash Power mascara in Black Onyx and Chocolate Brown (easily rotatable for night and day, of course) resists heat, humidity, tears, rain, and promises to last up to 24 hours without smearing. This is the superhero of element-resistant mascaras, and will stand up to all eye conditions! If you scuba diving on vaca this summer, bring this lash lover on your deep sea expedition.



A pop of color on your lips can be the sum total of your beach and summer make up. Clinique Long Lasting Glosswear is like a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses for your lips. Loaded with SPF, this lip hugger protects, since your smacker is just as susceptible to sun damage. The glosses are slick without the cling and they don’t wear off quickly. We like Air Kiss, Knockout Nude, Juicy Apple, and Bamboo Pink and how the product comes in a juicy range of finishes and colors.


If summer is your season for a gloss hiatus, switch to a stain. Bella Il Fiore’s Double Agent Lip Tints look and feel semi-permanent. With a range of rosy colors that’ll make it look like you just cooled off by sucking on a cherry, raspberry, or any other summer fruit flavored popsicle, these stains are relentless, no matter what summery activity you are engaging in.

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