Kite Beauty On-the-Glow Concealer

If you are already a convert to Stila founder Jeanine Loebell‘s new and disruptive brand NEEN, which offers subscription cards to test-drive products, you’re going to love Nina Liu’s Kite Beauty. The brand’s mantra is makeup designed for busy lifestyles and small purses. It launched with one product — On the Glow Concealer. Six blister tabs are housed in an easy-to-tote box that’s the same size as a business card. So it’s perfect for CEOs — running multi-million dollar corporations or those started out of their bedrooms! The true beauty of the OTG Concealer is that it is supremely versatile. You can use it as intended — to conceal blemishes or breakouts. Or you can repurpose it as full-coverage foundation by applying more or for contouring when dabbing it here and there. The shade range is limited for now — but concealer is usually buildable and can suit a variety of skin tones. The brand DOES intend to expand the shade options sooner rather than later. The travel-friendly packaging and the fact that the product is a superhero that can do many things makes it worth trying now and seeing what the brand comes up with down the line.



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